Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Miracles in Singapore!

Okay.... So this week Cameron came to church!!!! Again! She came to church for the first time last week, the next day came with her two brothers to FHE at a members house, we met with them on Saturday night to talk about enduring to the end, then when we asked her if she'd come to church the next day she enthusiasticly said "yes!" She had a great experience and got a lot more out of church spiritually this week and, added bonus, didn't feel as awkward being there. She then came to a dinner appointment to a member's house after church where the members (who were being awesome member missionaries in the first place by inviting another member to dinner with us) shared awesome testimonies of the Savior's love and the power of the Atonement in their lives. Then we asked who in their lives needed that same knowledge of the Savior's love and strength. Haha, Their answer was perfect: "everyone!" It was a great testimony builder for myself and for Cameron to get a bigger picture of why we meet with them and ask them to come to church. It's not about the baptism, it's about finding the greatest happiness in this life and the next! We had another investigator at church, Lysander, who had a great experience. He heard some great talks in sacrament meeting, and heard the choir sing (choirs and hymns are his favorite!) Afterwards he set up his own appointment to meet again this week! Miracles? I think so.
My faith was built from the miracles! At one point Sister Anderson and I were talking to these two tourist from Germany on the train and they were most defnitely NOT intersted.... but they were willing to buy us drinks. haha, Regardless of their lack of interest I felt like I should tell them about the plan of salvation. They laughed and turned around. No big deal. So we were getting off to switch to another train with hopefully more interested people when we saw an Indian man jump up from his seat run after us and say, "Sister Mackay! Sister MacKay! I heard you two talking in there, and while they weren't interested, I need to talk to you." He said he wasn't sure if God was there, but his fiance just found out she was very sick and might not live for more than a few years and that he was needed to hear what we had to say. It was an incredible experience.
Great news, I've really come to love Singapore! I can't wait to go back to East, but untill then I'm loving it here. :)
I...have a request! We challenged a family with a missionary to tell their missionary daughter about their missionary moments every week. Can you guys do that too? I know you have them and I'd love to hear them! It's like we're all doing the same thing!
Dad, Can I see a picture of you with your bike?? And I love the moving harry Potter picture! I have the coolest parents ever. :D
I love you so much!!! I'll try to get more pictures this week. :D
Tell nana I love her!

Sister Anderson & Cameron?

Companions with Cameron?

Our Sister MacKay!

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