Thursday, May 26, 2016

Miracles & Milk!

Oooooh my goodness.Okay, I'm here now! Sorry, I know last week was a cruddy email! 
I can't believe you still have Laryngitis, mom! That's insane! How long has it been? You're never going to take your singing voice for granted, that's for sure. At least, that's what I always end up thinking after I lose my voice. I'll pray for you to get better!
I'm so glad you know how much you can help others when you go to church! I think that if less actives realized how much impact they can have in the lives of others then they would have a better understanding of their divine identity, their purpose in this life, and well, they'd probably come to church!
Sweet! I'm excited to get that package! Perfect timing, too, I just finished off my EFAs!
Pants are probably more for Malaysia. Haha, A few weeks ago a guy came from the government to inspect our appartment because there had been a "reported mosquito sighting!" Haha, They basically don't exsist here. Actually, they do because one ate me alive last night walking home. But I think we're getting more instruction for this all in a few weeks. I am for sure getting sun glasses, though! Dress pants sound SO uncomfortable to bike in! And hot. I think I'll just buy more muslim clothes! Start wearing my Hijab while I'm at it.
Yeah! Start planning something. Soooo who all is coming? Do I need to plan anything? I don't know how this works. But, I'd check with Pres Richards first to see if I can be released over Skype, because otherwise I can't hold babies, or wear anything but prosolyting clothes, OR go swimming! And there are some prize beaches in Malaysia. ;) But, Okay, I'll be fine either way. :P I'm being picky. It's going to be a fast six months! But that's beside's the point. :)
I think I've finally gotten over my white culture shock! Whooo! They are still SO scary to talk to but I'm praying really hard to have the faith to share the gospel with them! Thank you so much for the prayers! I really do feel their effect in my life! Totally random though; you know I'm going to your seminary class every day for however long I can, right?
haha, Every Sunday a really nice ward member gives us a carton of California milk at church so we walk around for a few hours every Sunday contacting people, picking them up for church with a giant jug of sweating milk! The reactions are priceless.
Yesterday we had a huge miracle!! The 15 yr old daughter of one of our looooooong time inactives came to church yesterday!! We've been teaching the girl and her two teenage brothers and they've been progressing slowly, which is incredible because they have been taught for the past year or so with little to no progression. They weren't going to come to church yesterday but we talked the girl into going without 花儿brother是 Oh弄! What哈珀跑呢的??? hello? Oh, whew! I pressed something and the computor was translating everything into Chinese!! Anyway, everyone in the ward was so helpful and supportive! The young women were amazing at being her friend from the moment she came into the door and being completely real about it! Over all, she felt super uncomfortable and awkward, but at the same time had a lot of fun. AND tonight they're hopefully going to come over to a member's home for FHE! I love seeing them experience feeling the holy ghost and watching them get so excited about it! Why else would you feel so awkward about four hours of church and activity and then want to come back, again? Because you feel God's spirit there!
This last week we also met with a less active and her daughter who we'd met for the first time the week before. We had a fantastic discussion about faith and obedience. She taught me that faith is composed of two things; belief and action. But what if you have faith in that "God helps those who help themselves," aka, the actions you make, 不同农田他和荡dangi他 Someonedoes农田玩头么头testifytoday!!!Ireallywish I could write more 不同 i guess Satan is trying really hard today 头 keep someone from hearing 没有 testimony!  拿吗哈喽! Obedience brings faith! If you want faith, be obedient! That'sit!Igive 丿!!I           .*★*.
.*★ *.*    ★
★       * 
★           .’
‘*.     .
    `  .  . love you all!! And curse technology! Please pray for Singpore's heart to be softened! Especially white people!

Singapore Missionaries!


Don't we all wish we'd strike it rich on our birthdays!

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Sis. MacKay's favorite restaurant! 

The English translations are always hilarious!

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