Monday, June 27, 2016

Training, Working Hard, & Miracles!

Training is great! It's a lot of fun and I think I've seen more miracles this week than I have my whole mission, probably because I've worked harder this week than I have my whole mission. We've met a lot of people who literally are only kept from the truth because they don't know where to find it, and when we tell them about it they know it! We also have had a lot of members follow through on the commitments we extended to them. One of the families we had committed to roleplay as a family brought it up at a dinner with them this last week! The mom said, "sooo, we've been roleplaying as a family, and it's kind of rough -but we're doing it! We kind of struggle with the part on dispensations though. The next time you come for dinner can you help us with it?" Haha, Whaaaaat?? That never happens! Then the next night aaaaaallll of our appointments for that night had fallen through. We were standing in a mall calling through our members looking for somone we could visit but NO ONE answered their phone! So we said a prayer and decided we'd call two more people and if they didn't answer we'd just go contacting. (not cool.) So we called one more. No answer. This whole time one family kept sticking out to me, but I didn't want to call them because I didn't really know what we could share with them and I didn't want to bother them, but it was to that point. SO I said "fine! I'll call them!" And guess what? they could meet! Right then! When we went over and started visiting with them and following up on the commitment we gave last time to share it came out that the husband had JUST gotten back from a trip where he had an absolutely incredible experience sharing the gospel! He gave one of his high up bosses the website, downloaded the BofM on his phone, and showed him where the nearest chappel was to his house. The boss spent the whole 6hr flight reading through the website and reading the BofM. Haha, It was amazing! To me it was a big show that there are members who are ready to step it up, what I do with members makes a difference, and there are soooo many people who are prepared to hear the gospel out there! Literally, so many miracles. It really strengthened my faith that when you work hard and thrust in that sickle with aaallll your might then God qualifies you. But it's not until you really go to work. Contrary to my popular belief, you're not qualified before you put in the effort. Haha, I'm learning! Actually, that was a big lesson I learned this week. 

Cameron and Taylor are still doing great! They're now going to mutual activies + Sunday classes without the missionaries. The whole ward is so involved in helping and fellowhshipping them. It's gotten everyone into the missionary spirit! The mission is going great! It's been a reeeeeally long week, but a good and productive one! And happy one! Thanks for all the missionary moments! I love them! You are awesome!

Last Pics with Sister "Andy"
Such good friends!

Singapore's "old" zone

New missionaries, aka "Greenies," to the mission with their trainers behind them!

Singapore's New Zone! (Greenies are in front.)

New Adventures await these two companions!

Already hard at work with an investigator!

I think they'll get along just fine ;)

Monday, June 20, 2016

Keep Riding!

Oh my goodness! You've had a very eventful week! I just read your email. I'm so excited for you and dad with your bikes! I'm so proud of you two! Advice: Don't stop riding! It's easy to stop, especially after the first week or two when your muscles get tired because they're not used to all the work and they're sore and your bum is saddle sore, but just keep riding! The four of us have started running almost every day this transfer and I feel so much better all the time! It's so much easier to walk up all those highway overpasses now.

.......Ah! Okay! I've decided! I just want to fly home! Having a full two weeks at home sounds like so much fun! I can even work in dad's office part time, party with Kris, get to see the babies, if any friends are home I can see them.... And I can see Nana! ... It's okay if we don't come back, it would be hard to see the people I've taught because of their work schedules and living situations anyway. It will be a lot easier not trying to plan our trip out here while I'm a missionary too! Whew.

Also, I'm training here in Singapore. :) Sister Anderson comes home next week but is being released tomorrow. I  don't know who I'm training yet! I find out on Thursday when I pick her up. Yes, Andy's sister is coming to pick her up!

Miracle: Our investigator, Lysander, loved hearing the Plan of Salvation and learning about temples this week! He was fascinated, not completely sold, but fascinated by temples. He got so excited and said it all made so much sense!

Faith: I have learned so much about what charity is this week! I've learned that it's not always that warm fuzzy feeling, but that sometimes it is that feeling of, "I love you but I love you more when you're doing what's right," aka "long suffering." Heavenly Father also really opened my eyes this week about how he really has been answering my prayers and has helped me to recognize that he's given me a lot of charity, among other things, as I've prayed for it.

Also, Cameron and Taylor came to church AGAIN and they now have an awesome fellowshiper; the bishops son and the daughter of a less active!

I know you all love me! I'll let you go to bed now. I love you tons! Sorry, I was running around a lot on email today so there won't be much of an email...  I love you so much! Let me know if you have any other questions! Keep me updated! Also, How is KC's dad?
Keep riding!

How do you want to pose?

Elder Roundy, photographer ;)

Sister A's got mad Harry Potter skills!

Sister M's technique is great but needs to work on her stance...

lol I think I'm supposed to put balloons in this photo...

Can't keep a good woman down! 

AWESOME COMPANIONS!!! Sister Mac & Sister Andy

Preparation Day at the Beach, missionary-style

I love that they're so obedient! No Swimming!

Sweet Sister MacKay

Gotta love the humidity!

Sister Andy - crystal clear water!

Sister Anderson will be missed!

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Headed up the lift to an Alpine Slide!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Exchanges to KL!

I'm here. I made it through another week as a missionary in Singapore. I haven't been stoned yet, or thrown into prison, so I think I'm doing okay. 
My favorite part of this week was when I went on exchanges in KL, my last and favorite area! We flew back to KL (my old area) for half the week for exchanges! I got to help the STLs (who are whitewashing) know all the important details. I went on exchanges with S Crandall, too, (my comp from the MTC), so that was really nice. I got to see my favorite family in the world (besides my own), and even had a miracle where we got onto a train to hear "hello sisters" from a little Philippino woman who hadn't been to church in a very long time! She’s not on the church records, but she has two kids on missions! It was a miracle that we ran into her and got her number. A recent convert we met later that day even offered to call her and get her to church that week!
Speaking of exchanges, I almost didn't get back into Singapore! haha, Immigration is getting really tough and they really don't  like the "pretty white boys," as they say. Good thing I'm not a pretty white boy...  Prayers for missionaries going through immigration are appreciated! I won't have to go again for another three months, but some people aren't getting through! hahaUmm...miracle “fiancĂ© is dying” guy skipped his appointment and won't answer our phone calls! He'll get there. Seed planted! 
We have some amazing families in our wards! One family is definitely my favorite, the Jean family. They are the most amazing French family with a new little baby! He's our new ward mission leader and is SO gungho. They even offered their house to do a once a week family night thing for investigators or members! They fed us amazing French food this week. A lot of French food! haha, Did you know French people have a course just for Cheese? 
Oh, also, mom, I told Sister Anderson you could help her figure out school stuff when she gets home because no one in her family has gone to college, and she doesn't know how to sign up for classes or anything. I hope that's okay! 

You have no idea how excited I am for Christmas at the Cabin! Everyone gets locked into the cabin, and they can't escape for a whole week with me! No choice! haha 
I love you all a lot!

Headed to KL for exchanges!

Awesome KL family!

Awesome BFF Companions!

Looks like the church's nursery!