Monday, June 13, 2016

Exchanges to KL!

I'm here. I made it through another week as a missionary in Singapore. I haven't been stoned yet, or thrown into prison, so I think I'm doing okay. 
My favorite part of this week was when I went on exchanges in KL, my last and favorite area! We flew back to KL (my old area) for half the week for exchanges! I got to help the STLs (who are whitewashing) know all the important details. I went on exchanges with S Crandall, too, (my comp from the MTC), so that was really nice. I got to see my favorite family in the world (besides my own), and even had a miracle where we got onto a train to hear "hello sisters" from a little Philippino woman who hadn't been to church in a very long time! She’s not on the church records, but she has two kids on missions! It was a miracle that we ran into her and got her number. A recent convert we met later that day even offered to call her and get her to church that week!
Speaking of exchanges, I almost didn't get back into Singapore! haha, Immigration is getting really tough and they really don't  like the "pretty white boys," as they say. Good thing I'm not a pretty white boy...  Prayers for missionaries going through immigration are appreciated! I won't have to go again for another three months, but some people aren't getting through! hahaUmm...miracle “fiancĂ© is dying” guy skipped his appointment and won't answer our phone calls! He'll get there. Seed planted! 
We have some amazing families in our wards! One family is definitely my favorite, the Jean family. They are the most amazing French family with a new little baby! He's our new ward mission leader and is SO gungho. They even offered their house to do a once a week family night thing for investigators or members! They fed us amazing French food this week. A lot of French food! haha, Did you know French people have a course just for Cheese? 
Oh, also, mom, I told Sister Anderson you could help her figure out school stuff when she gets home because no one in her family has gone to college, and she doesn't know how to sign up for classes or anything. I hope that's okay! 

You have no idea how excited I am for Christmas at the Cabin! Everyone gets locked into the cabin, and they can't escape for a whole week with me! No choice! haha 
I love you all a lot!

Headed to KL for exchanges!

Awesome KL family!

Awesome BFF Companions!

Looks like the church's nursery!

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