Sunday, June 12, 2016


Miracles of this week: Not only did our investigator C come to church for the 3rd week IN A ROW, but this week her brother came with her! When I walked in and sat down next to them I looked over at the brother to say hi but just started laughing because he looked so uncomfortable! They both started laughing and he settled in a bit. He was so nervous to be at church he was having chest pains! But after a bit he got more comfortable. And now they're coming to mutual this Wednesday. Without us!  Having C and T coming to church and mutual has gotten the members really, really involved in their progression. Heaven knows we can't make them feel welcomed at these things, but the members can and they are taking hold of it!
Today I was reading in Jesus The Christ when Jesus was brought the adulturous woman to condemn. As I was reading it I just felt so much peace at his response and how he handled the situation for the good of that woman, even though she had broken a pretty big commandment. He just handled it with pure love. It's so revealing to me of Jesus's true character when I fall at his feet and ask for his forgiveness.
Sister Anderson speaks Malay, she's from Cali. :)
Ugh. They guy next to me smells like cigarettes, alcohol, and....soya sauce? 
Um, awkward. So the PofS did give the guy with the sick fiance a lot of comfort! Buuuut the engagement ended up being a long distance scam. 😬 Ouch! But the gospel can still help him!


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