Thursday, May 12, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

I'm not going to lie, my favorite picture is definitely the one of dad passed out on the couch with the babies and my cat! It's a new classic.

Happy Mother's Day, mom! Thanks for spending part of it with me! It was a lot of fun. :) It felt like I just opened the door and walked into a normal night with our family! I loved it!

So we were Skyping at the Oomrigers house, and they're actually moving to Las Vegas this week and asked for your contact information because the husband wants to hire you to take some business shots of him. Anyway, because they're moving they actually gave us all of the food in their house! So we got bags and bags of food! Basically, whoever lives in this appartment next transfer won't ever need to grocery shop. We got to make ourselves a great dinner with ham, mashed potatoes, and salad. Basically a traditional MacKay dinner!
This week we stayed in for a few days this week as sister Anderson had some crazy vertigo from an ear infection so it was a little slow. Oh! And I forgot to tell you about my weird eye thing that happened last week! I guess I got a Stye or something and my eye hurt really bad and got reallly swollen! I looked like I'd had a stroke. But it's all better now! I'm not dead yet! In terms of investigators I don't have much to share besdies what I shared yesterday, we weren't able to meet with any of them this week.
BUT I did get Nutella from the Oomrigers. :D And fancy foods that make it way fun to cook!
I... am staying in Singapore with sister Anderson this transfer! That should be fun/ Hopefully, I'll be able to help her stay calm with her last transfer! Haha, with this being her last transfer it feels like my last transfer, too! ...Maybe my last transfer in Singapore...? We'll see. Maybe I'll have to make some special requests to get back to East. Pray for me to love white people! It's been a stressful transition to Singapore, but it's been nice having a great companion throughout it all.
My faith has definitely been growing on the topic of gaining perfection step by step and how the enabling power of the atonement plays a part in that. That's something that I'm really studying right now because I want to understand it! I want to understand that God sees and knows my imperfections and weaknesses and loves me, anyway! And then I want to get rid of them! haha, But I guess that part takes a while. Anyway, I'm just kind of excited for becoming my best self through the Atonement. I feel like it puts the Atonement in a new perspective for me, like a fresh way to apply it. It's keeping things spicy!  
Also, I dropped my mascara wand in the toilet this week. It was really sad.
I love you a lot!

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