Friday, May 20, 2016

Why the Church

Today is going to be a short email. I have another stye in my eye today and didn't want to go to the zone activity with my eye all blown up, so my companion dropped my at the mission office and all I have to email on is a really old iPhone. My iPhone typing skills are a little rusty. Haha
This week was good, but slow. A lot of appointments ended up falling through, but it wasn't for lack of effort on our side! I ended up giving a talk in one of our wards yesterday. I think I might have actually made it to 15 minutes! My talk was on the gen con talk Why the Church. I had fun reading about it because something I run into a lot here are people saying that they believe in Jesus Christ but don't need a church to worship him, and this talk showed aaaaaall the reasons why we need church. I think one of the most important points is that without the Church we don't have access to the saving ordinances of the gospel! 
Anyway. That's basically all. I'll write an email next week on an computer so that'll work better. I can't send pictures with this either. :P
Love you!

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