Monday, November 2, 2015

Lots of Photos!

Thank you so much for the packages! I'm so excited for all the music and Christmas presents and everything else! Everyone loved the Snickers, my tummy especially. Sister Pullicar says thank you so much for the presents. :) 

Could you send me the lyrics for Trying to be like Jesus? Both verses? I can't remember all the words and it's driving me crazy.
Agh. I really hate emails. I love getting them! But I hate writing them. It's so much easier to just talk, I can never get things out the way I want to in letters! So frustrating. Maybe I'll get there after another year of practice.

It sounds like the cabin was a blast! I love the pictures so much! I can't believe it's so cold there! It's still in the hundreds up here, haha, not much change. Rainy season is due any day now though! I'm really excited. 
Thanks for the update on the MacKay's! I'm so glad to hear Grandpa is healing!

Halloween party:
-Party was fun! We weren't sure if anyone was actually going to come because it turns out no one knew about it. We all scrambled and texted and called everyone to tell them, and we had a pretty good turn out! It was a little confusing though because there was also two baptisms from two different branches happening on that same night and no one new about them, including the other branches that were doing the baptism. It all worked out though, people got baptized, children got candy. haha

Ah shoot. I'm really sorry, I once again didn't plan my time out very well.
We don't have any investigators right now but now that we're both healthy and back from ZC we're really going to work on finding some!

Miracle for this week is that yesterday was an incredibly productive day even though it didn't go as planned. We were able to find out a LA is moving and when they took us to see their new house we found another less active that we have never met, then met her son who is amazing, and while he's learned from the missionaries before, has never been baptized but reads the BOM every day and knows it's the word of God! Later while we waited for another LA to come home so we could meet with her we were able to test out the zone conference commitment of talking to everyone. It was amazing! We talked to a lot of people and got a potential out of it. Then we found out that the LA who we were waiting for's husband knows the Joseph Smith story is true but hasn't been baptized because he's Buddhist, so we definitely have something to work with there.  Overall, yesterday was amazing, zone conference was a great experience, and I got really cool pants and shirts at China town and Little India in Singapore.

I am so sorry this email is so short! I feel really, really terrible. I promise I'll do this first next week.
I love you lots!
Singapore - in front of the Merlion

She met Elder Orr from Las Vegas at Zone Conference!

Companions in Singapore

Fun seeing her trainer, Sister Pullicar

Sister MacKay & the Harrisons

Zone Conference photos: games!

Zone Conference: Only a mom downloads photos that has even a little part of their missionary in it!

Zone Conference photos: games!

Zone Conference photos: games!

More Zone Conference!

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