Monday, November 23, 2015

So I moved to KL this week! We had an exciting Taxi ride over where one of the other sisters ended up sitting on my lap because the driver wanted to pick up another person and we made a friendly stop at the taxi drivers house for a few minutes. Haha, Malaysia. 
So my new companion is Sister Lee. She's from California and has been out about a year. She also speaks Malay! 
KL is pretty different from East Malaysia. Very different. It's like halfway between someplace in America and someplace in East Malaysia. There are also a tooooon of Muslims! Everywhere. We actually just accidentally tried to contact one when we stopped to test out a foot massager thing and he got really upset when we told him we couldn't talk to him about Jesus Christ because it's against the law. It was really sad!
I don't bike anymore, which I'm sad about. I really like biking. BUT I also really like buses and MRTs and LRTs and all these different trains and subway like things. It means a LOT of contacting though. You get on a train, spot someone who think might not be Muslim, sit down by them, and talk to them. Or that's the plan. It still kind of scares me. When I was Malay speaking I thought it would be so much easier to contact people in English! Then I started to get contacting down in Malay and got switched to English! Now I know that it is definitely NOT easier in English. Haha, People here, or anywhere, aren't used to random white girls coming up and talking to them, so they feel a little awkward. We just want to give you salvation! Come back!
Have you ever seen the Church's 12 step videos? They're absolutely amazing. Look them up.
So as I've implied I'm now in an English area. Whaaaat?? Supossedly I'm still a Malay sister but really I'm just an English sister right now. Not a lot of people here speak Malay because KL is a city full of people from everywhere! So the language only comes in handy every now and again. Sister Lee and I are helping each other keep the language up by talking to eachother all the time in Malay. It's really fun. :) Anyway, so we teach a lot of Chinese people, some people from places like Ghana or Africa, and... actually that's about where the racial diversity ends. It's really fun to teach in English, even if it's just broken English. My Chinglish is really progressing. ;) There's a huge difference between teaching in Malay in East Malaysia and teaching in English in West. Because of things like religious background and such it was all very simple and surface, but now, while there's still a lot of that we're now teaching people like Jerry from somewhere in Africa who has read the bible his whole life and asks questions that are really pretty deep. I love it! I love both, actually, it's it's fun to experience both. I think I got a little cocky about it though. Yesterday I was eating my lunch and thinking about how strangley easy it's been to teach in English, and I was really impressed with myself for being able to answer a lot of peoples questions as well as I had and so they understand things. I stuck a bite of carrot in my mouth and stopped mid-chew when the thought came into my head "it's not you." I kind of sat there for a second as I realized that it really wasn't me that was so great at teaching, but Heavenly Father has been blessing me and literally giving me the things that I needed to say and giving me understand and knowledge, so that I can explain things and answer questions of the people we're teaching. Suddenly, everything made so much sense. Now I realize that Heavenly Father is letting me be a tool in His hands and that's a really, really neat opportunity. I still believe I'm being blessed with the gift of tongues, too, because I can understand all these different accents most of the time!

I love you so much!
Saying goodbye in Miri

Sister MacKay must love being so tall!

Sister MacKay and Elder Alex lol


Farewell, Miri!

Off on a new adventure! Maybe a little nervous? lol

Dinner with a family in Kuala Lumpur! 

It looks like the weather is the same in KL as in Miri! haha

Sister MacKay in KL!

Famous towers in KL

She loves their little housemate 

House Gekko 

Ewwww... Rats!

BIG rats!


Sister MacKay and gekko!

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