Monday, November 16, 2015

Transferred to Kuala Lampur!

Q: When are transfers?

A: transfers are today! We find out soon!

Q: Do you really think you'll be leaving?

A: Maybe! President came to Miri this week for interviews and mentioned in mine that I might go to Singapore.... Not sure how I feel about this! haha

Q: Really? Wow! After just one transfer??

A: Maybe! It's a new mission president so we all have no idea how he works! It would be weird though, since there are only so many places Malay sisters can go. But I guess they had a miscommunication with the MTC and they won't be getting any English missionaries in for a while, so maybe that's why! Either way, I actually loved Singapore a lot when we went in for Zone conference last time and decided that I wouldn't mind going there. Plus, I didn't get MRT sick last time! Which was big. I've nearly thrown up every time before on the MRT. :$

Q: What's the MRT? And how's your Malay?

A: Oh, my Malay is doing great. Haha, I asked a member yesterday how my Malay was and she blurted out "You don't understand anything!" Haha, Which can be true, but she said she understands me just fine when I speak! There was also a time last night when another member was talking to us about things in the Branch when he looked at me, walked into his house and came back with a book of pictures of him and said "you don't understand anything so you can look at this." Haha, it was actually really funny. AND slightly offensive. Haha, Anyway, I feel like it's doing really well! I went on exchanges with Sister Lim, a native, this week and she said my Malay was really good! I felt that, too, as I was able to carry on a really good conversaton with our member. :) So overall, great. 

An MRT is like a Subway, like the underground things we rode in Hungary with Kris. :) It's a waaaay different culture there, that's for sure! We ride the MRT whenever we're in SIngapore, allll the time. That and buses are the main means of transport. Or Taxis. The missionaries ride the MRT for, literally, hours every day to get places and just contact on the way for the whole time.

Q: What fun beach pictures! Was it a P-Day thing or on the way to an appointment?  What about the pictures of the family?

A: It's part of our area. We tried to visit an old investigator whose house is right next to the beach but she was yelling at her kids to tell us she wasn't home, haha, so we decided to take a few pictures on the beach while we were there!
So that's from one of our members FHE. We're trying to put together a big party for the 100th birthday of FHE and as part of that the senior couple is putting together a video of people in Miri doing FHEs. So we went and helped take pictures and videos with our cameras. :) It's the family of Stimba and Katrina.

Q: How fun! Sorry about the yelling beach lady...

A: Haha, It was actually funnier than anything else. People do it all the time, they hide in there house and you can hear them yelling to their kids to tell the white people that they aren't home and then the kids come running out and say that and you're like, your mom isn't home? Are you sure? Who was talking? The TV? Okay, okay, see you later. Hahaha, You can't help but wonder about the logic in that! It's like Tyler used to tell us how Asians just look straight past you and ignore you if you knock on their door. Haha, It's really just funny!

Q: Is the weather about the same in Singapore as in Miri? I've noticed the sun shining in your pics these last too weeks! Lol Idaho winters are going to be such a shock to your system! 😂😬
A: I'm.... not sure. Lots more AC though! OH my goodness, it's been so crazy hot here though! You know how it's supposed to get cooler in the winter? Maybe just by 5 degrees? Nope. I'm pretty sure it's gotten 10 degrees hotter this week! It's like LV X10! I've gotten a reeeeal nice farmer's tan though! Yeah, right now it's rainy season now which I thought would mean cooler, rainy days, but I guess what it actually means is blisteringly hot days and torrential rain storms during the night!

Q: Do you play the piano in Church in Miri?

A: No, they have someone with the calling to press the buttons for the piano to play the hymns itself. I figure it's so that the youth can have callings. :)

Q: Let me know when you find out about transfers!

A: Well, I'm not going to Singapore! Looks like I'm going to Kuala Lampur! Still Malay Speaking! My new Comp is sister Lee.

Mini Letter: This week has been a weird but good week. Kind of like all weeks. We've had a miracle of five new investigators this week, one woman and then a huge family! We got to meet the whole family of 12 and are hoping to get more of them to learn soon. We also had three less active families all come to church together this Sunday, for all of them it was the first time in many, many months.
As we've taught these people about the restoration it's been really neat to feel the spirit that comes from talking about the restoration. It was also neat to see our less active take the restoration pamphlet out of my hand and start teaching it herself! When she got a little stuck we stepped in, but she has such a love for sharing the gospel. It's great. :)

I'm getting booted off the Island to West Malaysia! I'm excited! More on that later. :) I love you! 

Filming FHE!

FHE in Miri!

Our cute missionary!

a sunny smile!

These missionaries love Miri! And sunshine!

Awesome Family!

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