Monday, November 30, 2015

Monkeys, White People, & Contacting Adventures!

I love all the pictures! Haha, The matching sweaters are... there are no words. Haha, It's so Kristen and KC, I love it.
Oh shoot. My dropbox is full and I have a really funny video of my giving a monkey a pass along card! Ummm.... I don't know what to do now. I'll leave that to you.
Yes! We  had Thanksgiving with all the Americans in our Branch. Maksudnya, we have a real mixture of cultures in our branch; expats/white people, Brazils, Philipenos, Indians, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, Iranian, Pakistanian, German, etcedera, etcedra. ...I don't know how to spell that word. There are probably about 40-50 people in our branch and yes, the friend of.... oh Sister Worthen! Anyway, you mentioned her last week, and yes, she's in my branch. :)
The roughest part of my week was probably when I tried to contact white people. Three different times. And utterly failed. In case you were wondering, yes, contacting white people is very different from contacting an Asian! Very, very different... Goodness, 6 months in and I'm already awkward around white people! I'm a goner.
We do a LOT of conatcting here in KL. A lot. People are very busy and have really unreliable work schedules here and so appointments often get canceled which leaves huge chunks of time in our day. Which means, you got it, contacting. We usually ride the MRT or go to malls or big public places to find people who want to learn but this week I convinced sister Lee to go door to door. Haha, It was rediculous!  We contacted for two hours and found TWO Christians! In other words, it was about 90% Muslim. We'd walk past homes and see prayers written above their door, or Christmas lights on their house (I still don't get it but it's a clear indicator of a Muslim house. WHo knows) and say, "muslim, muslim, muslim, Hindu, Bhudist, Muslim, muslim, muslim...." Haha, and we found a Bhudist man who was completely insistent that mormons have many wives! Many! When I told him that I definitely only have ONE mom he said that I probably wouldn't know because I'm a girl. Hahaha. 
We have a few investigators here but we're not really sure where any of them are going, haha, because they're all kind of one leg in, one leg out. So we're really praying to find people who God has prepared to hear His gospel. But our Investigators Yoong Hong and Stephanie are getting baptized on December 19! Yay! They're both awesome. Yoong Hong's girlfriend gave as cookies this week too! Yesss.
Last P-Day we went to Batu caves, which were awesome! There are many Hindu statues there. And Monkeys. I bought bananas to feed the monkeys but before I could blissfully hand out my bananas one by one to the friendly little fellas, this stupid monkey ran up and stole ALL OF MY BANANAS! There were hundreds of police officers there and they all saw it happen and they litterally pointed their fingers and laughed at me! Thankfully I wrestled a single banana from the little thief to hand out later, only to have another monkey jump onto my arm five minutes later and wrestle me for THAT banana! The jerk! He leaped onto my arm and was fighting me for the banana! And surprise, surprise, the monkey won. Bodoh. Next time 'I'll be the one eating the bananas laughing at them! But hey, at least I didn't get monkey poop thrown at my like sister Drew. Haha. Ha. haha.
For Christmas I'd love to go to the Pines! I'll be happy anywhere, but that's my first choice. :)
I'm working on getting a Uke approved! I asked president today.
Oh, we have a Christmas party this week!. 
No one's heard anything about calling for Christmas yet but President  is coming this week so I'm going to ask him then.
I'm going to dye my hair brown again today! Hopefully. 
Sister Lee and I live with Sister Anderson and ....Tueh? I really need to learn her name. They're so much fun! This is by far the most comfortable I've been in the mission yet. I've learned how to work hard, I know how to pray hard, and now I'm learning to have fun while doing it all. Yay! The fun part really balances things out. 
I'm so excited to talk to you all! Do you think I'll be able to talk to everyone....? Or does it depend when I call?
Do you think you could send me the Allens cookie and Toll house cookie recipes some time?
I love you so much! It sounds like the cabin was/is a blast! I love all the pictures. Kristen looks gorgeous in her prego pics, and I love Maddie's bump! (I sent her a photograph of JUST her sister-in-law's baby bump! lol)
Talk to you next week!

Oh, and the pictures of the Asians and missionaries in the MRT is when this Asian church youth group came up and asked us to do a push up challenge with them. I guess it was like a weird scavenger hunt? But it was really funny. There is a video, but there wasn't enough space on Dropbox for it. :-/ Love you!

Batu Caves

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