Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Joyfully Serving the Lord!

So this week we had President and Sister Simmons come for a few days while we had a mini -zone conference/Christmas Devotional, and it was great. Oh! We also had our branch Christmas party. It was all a blast. I pictures from that this week. My pictures are kind of random and I don't have time to go through them to pick them out so I just uploaded random ones from this week. Hope they're good!
Funny fact, about once a week we have a tri-lingual lesson with one of our investigators. Haha, So he's an Indian man who speaks some English, more Malay, but mostly Tamil. So we start out in English (because he wants us to so he can learn more) but somewhere in there switch to Malay, then his girlfriend jumps in and explains something in Tamil, and then we switch back to Malay, he answers in English, and back and forth it goes. It's the weirdest thing, mostly because it doesn't seem that weird, because hey, it's Malaysia! The place of campur. I can't think of the English word.
Oh! I got approved for a ukelele or violin this week! ...Now I just have to find one. I found a ukelele shop, but I kind of want to get a violin, I just don't know where music shops are.
Hey! I heard that something is going on between ISIS and my home country? What's the word on that?
Also, something cool. I want to tell you that this is probably the happiest I've been in my life. I'm so happy! Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I'm just smiling, which is a little strange, but really it's just awesome, haha. It's weird for me to see how much I've changed in just six months,  because it seems like a lot.
\Oh! Also, I want to be a .....oh what's it called! An I night person! Ah! I-Team Leader! At BYU-I that winter semester. I don't know when I'd have to apply? Probably not for a while, but I just wanted to bring it up before I forget.
Sorry, I'm everywhere today!
Christmas. I brought it up to the Simmons in interviews this week and they said they'd send an email out about it....but I haven't gotten in this week, so I'll probably know by next week! So my Christmas Eve morning? Okay, I'll shoot for that. I'm so excited! It's like two and a half weeks!
So the Konfrinsi zon yang kecil, aka Mini Zone Conference. One of the biggest themes was talking to everyone and not worrying about being awkward, because contacting can seem sooooo awkward! It's been really hard for me, too, because I'll be on the bus and I see someone, right? So I think, okay, just say hi. Ask how she is! There's no harm in that! Once you get a conversation started it'll be easy! But what if she thinks I'm weird for trying to talk to her? Is it normal in West Malaysia to ask people where they're going? Oh my goodness, what if I offend her! Ah!!! ......and that's basically how it goes in my head until the person gets off of the bus. haha. But the training was so great because they talked about how valuable the gospel is. How valuable is it? Way more valuable than an arm full of hundred dollar bills. More valuable that anything on this planet! If it's so valuable, shouldn't you be sharing it with people? Imagine it's that arm full of hundred dollar bills that you're asking people if they want, because it's that valualbe times infinity. None of that really makes sense, but that point is that it was really helpful. Since that day it's so much easier to just talk to people. And if they'e Muslim? I find out some cool stuff about a really cool person.
Anyway, hahaha, sorry again that I'm everywhere. I love you so much! Have a blast at Disneyland!

Companions on the subway

She's really "grabbed the bull by the horns!" lol

Merry Christmas!





On the bus

She found a kitten! 


Sorry, Sisters, you can't sit there...

Happy Selfie!

Branch Christmas party food! yum!

This is one happy missionary!

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