Monday, November 9, 2015

Little Jeeeeerry!

Five months. Check.
Can I vote?
It's really crazy what happened with the handbook change! I heard about it from the Senior Couple on Sunday and almost didn't believe it. I realized then that there was probably a whole kina balu going on in the states about this. At first I wasn't sure what to think about it, but I know that if it's from the prophet it's from God. I can see how this might try a lot of people's faith.
I'm so glad you went to that meeting with Nana! Way to suport! Thanks for all the updates too! I reeeeeally appreciate it. I hear basically nothing, so keep it coming.
Today we went to some really neat caves! It was really fun. We literally walked through a jungle. And a mountain. Imagine Indian Jones running through the jungle, then replace Harrison Ford with me. There you have it. 
Our apartment is great. It kind of reminds me of Grandma Leah's old home. We have a great view of a jungle tree! I included a picture of my bed, aka the couch. Haha, When we changed apartments we left the beds because they all had bed bugs so we all slept on the floor for a while until we got new beds, but we only got four because they might kick a pair of sisters out of Miri next week. So for now Sister O'Boyle and I are camping out in the living room, which I actually really like.
We did a lot of contacting this week! I got a few nice burn lines from my shirts and a lot of bug bites, haha. Oh, if it comes up, could you tell Lauren Noorda that Katrina and Stimba still have her Iban wedding picture up on their wall? They love it. Anyway. Lots of contacting this week! We met a really neat couple while we were looking for a less active. They invited us in to share our message and told us about how a messenger had come and taught the man how to pay tithing and told him to shape up, start reading the bible, and to go to church. We're really excited to follow up with them and I really hope they'll let us meet again!
In other news our 6:30 curfew got lifted to 8:30! I'm really excited for that because it means that we have that prime time to meet with people again.
Also... I'm out of time again. We got back late from the caves and have an appointment in half an hour. I love you so much! Bye!

Missionaries "in the field" lol Get it?

Doing service?

cool panoramas of Miri

Ouch! That's quite the sunburn!

Making friends :)

View of the jungle tree from their apartment:
Couch Sweet Couch lol With her Bubba on top...and photos on the dresser

The apartment's front room. Alex's bed is on the right.

Anyone home?

Toilet instructions, lost in translation

On her way to the Indaina Jones jungle!

What a fun apartment of sister missionaries!

Adventuring on P-Day

Awesome bug!

Making PB&Js in the car

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