Monday, October 19, 2015

Monkeys, Moving, & Missionaries at the Beach!

Okay. This week. Ten minutes. Can do.
This week was great! Weird, but great! We moved from our house to a new appartment this week which took a surprising amount of time, so it was weird because we didn't do a lot of missionary work. It gave all the missionaries a chance to serve one another, though, so it was really good.
We had a really fun youth activity at the beach where we ate and played games. It's so much fun to be right next to the beach!
I saw a monkey this week. It growled a lot.
Hey! Did you know Maddie is an awesome artist? One of the girls I live with, Sister Andrewson, knows her from high school and said that she's amazing. Who knew??
Yesterday, we walked through a giant rainstorm to meet a less active and ride the bus to church with her. We are so happy she came! We have no idea why she hasn't been coming, but when I asked her how she felt about church that day she said she felt really happy and had a really easy feeling in her heart. :) I can't tell you how many times I've shared my favorite scripture with people this week, Mosiah 2:4. My companion has even started using it as her go to scripture. It's my favorite scripture because I found it at a time when I didn't have a lot of joy in my life but, instead, had a lot of sadness. I was praying to God and asking Him how I could find that happiness in my life that the gospel of Jesus Christ promises. I prayed for that a lot. Then one day I found that scripture. It hit me so hard that that was my answer, that was God speaking to me, telling me that if I wanted to be happy, then I needed to do everything I could to follow His commandments, even the "little ones" like praying and reading the Book of Mormon every day. He promises that when we follow His commandments we will be happy. I know it's true because since that day my life has changed, and the more obedient I become the happier I am. It's not a happiness that can be found by anything in this world because it is a happiness that comes from God who is completely above this world. So many people just want to be happy and there are so many times I just want to throw a Book of Mormon at their face and say "It's right here!!" This gospel is where you find lasting peace and happiness and no where else will you ever, ever, find something that gives this incredible feeling that is God's love, peace, and happiness that comes despite what struggles we have in life.
In other news I'm sick again this week. It sounds liike it's going around among the missionaries, but I got a ton of sleep in yesterday; that helped a lot!
I know, I know. I'm fired from writing letters. Ugh, they're so short. I guess this fits in with my studies of sin vs weaknesses this week, haha. :)
I love you all so much!
Cute Companions!

Genie Pants!

Angry Monkey

On bikes in Miri!

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