Monday, October 5, 2015

Ah! Miri! Freaking out a little!

Ah! I'm getting transfered to Miri! This is so crazy! I'm going to the jungle! Ah! Ah! Okay. I'm alright. I didn't expect this! This is highly unusual! 
My new companion will be Sister O'boyle. Sister Peterson and I (from the MTC) are just trading places. This means that I'll be living with Sister Crandall though! Yay! And sister Dennis who lives with me now. Comfort. :)
Ahem. Anyway! Focus. This week was great! We had a lot of stuff happen and a lot of stuff not happen. We're in a little bit of a awkward place with most of our investigators right now where none of our investigators are really reliable. Sad news; Sue and Kris have moved back to Kampung, and so can't learn anymore. I guess their bosses weren't paying all, and since they were in Kuching to work, it made it a little pointless to continue paying for rent. We also lost another investigator girl this week because her dad found out she was learning from us and got "mad, mad, mad," as her member uncle said. The good news is that we had three investigators come to church for the first time yesterday! Pow, Franky, and Among (an awesome family. have I told you about them?) are doing great! They are SO excited to get baptized! In the past two or so weeks Franky has gone from smoking 30 cigarettes'/day to 6 yesterday! And Among is also down from 30 to 3! They are so amazing. 
I got all the letters this week! It made me SO happy! Thank you to the primary for sending me so many awesome letters and drawings! I loved them. Also, can you tell Avery Orme I say happy birthday? It's so cool she's getting baptized on her birthday! She's my hero. Thanks for the reading material, too. It's so cool! I love the one on...choices? How do you say it? Choosing with two good choices. So applicable to life. haha
So Saturday I got really sick. Thankfully, Heavenly Father tends to coordinate Sis P and I getting sick with our slowest days, so we got to stay home for most of the day and take it easy. Haha, We had 1 appointment that night with a LA we hadn't seen in a while, as well as a baptism that we really needed to go to because we had Pow and them coming to see it; so the Harrisons were really nice and drove us around that night. It was so great! But I might have overestimated my health that night because I spent most of our teaching appointment crouching over a ditch, trying not to toss my cookies in our member's home. And then eventually tossing them out the car window, later. Thankfully, it worked out that I could stay home yesterday, watch Johnny Lingo 3 or 4 times, and get feeling better. All better today! Also, Saturday night after the baptism we got to finally set off our Chinese lanterns for Moon Festival (ask Ty?)! Only a week or two late! Haha, It was so much fun! That's what some of the pictures are of, setting off lanterns. :) I might have sung some Tangled songs.
It sounds like you've had a lot of fun this week! I love all the pictures! 
So the letters actually came on the perfect day! It had been a little bit of a rough day, for a few reasons, but I'll just share one. Earlier that week we'd contacted this nice Iban family, which is great! ....But they are so Iban that they don't actually speak any Malay. So we got by on what Iban Sis. P knows and when we came back we brought two of our awesome YW who are Iban to help us teach! Unfortunately, it didn't work quite as well as we were hoping, and we didn't really get anywehre with teaching. It was really sad to have to walk out of that little cement house knowing that we had litterally done all we could, but that we still couldn't give them the gospel right now. It broke my heart. This little old lady and her sons can't learn the gospel right now. We have it! Right here! In a language that's so close to theirs! But it's not quite there. The comfort comes in knowing that Heavenly Father is working on it, that He knows their circumstances, and that he will make it possible for them to hear this true gospel in their language, in a way they'll understand, whether in this life or the next. I'm so glad Heavenly Father has a plan that's literally perfect in every way!
I love you! Thank you for being so faithful and such an amazing mom and dad. I love you again! haha, Wish me safe travels to the middle of the jungle! Ah!

I think this is the eclipse in Malaysia!

I believe this is "Malaysia Day" celebration.

Cat pillows? To remember Kuching (which means cat!)

Sister P & puppy

Preparing lanterns for the Moon Festival

Sisters and their Chinese Lanterns

Alex & her Eternal Family Lantern

Having a "Tangled" experience!

I love this photo of her!
And they're off!

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