Monday, September 28, 2015

Orangutangs & The Gift of Tongues

I'm so glad you get to teach these kids about their worth. One of my first weeks here I was thinking about how many times the knowledge of my divine worth had saved me. Sometimes, you don't even realize how impactful that knowledge is, but I know there have been times when knowing that I'm a daughter of God has given me purpose, strength, and the ability to keep going when life is hard. It's powerful!

I... have no idea if we get to watch the women's broadcast. BUT we do get to watch Gen Con! Just one week after it airs. :) I'm so excited! Thanks for the quotes, they're really neat. :)

I hope you get in to conference! That would be so cool!!

Already praying for Ty. I hope all goes well! He's awesome and they'd all be complete fools to not snatch him up. Really. If you want, you can tell them all that I said that.

We'll watch Con. at the church building (which is a relatively new building that was made for the church. It's actually really nice. Probably about the size of Thom.). Transfers are next week! Crazy! Who knows what will happen! Last P-day we got new potting soil for Sis P's plant.... Oh! Haha, and watched Elder Newing throw up a massive burger after he completed the resturant's eating challenge. But this week we did something cool! We went to a wildlife reserve to see orangutangs! It was cool and they were all reeeeally close! And massive. I have pictures buuuut the senior couples dropped us off here straight from walking around that jungle, so I don't have my adaptor. Or any notes of the things I was going to talk about.... I'm also very, very hungry, but that's irrelevant. We haven't met with Kris and Sue yet this week. It's been a holiday week so everyone has gone back to their villages. Kris said she got an answer to her prayers about baptism though!! We meet with them tonight so we'll find out!!

Also, the smog is back. Totally can't see the sun most days! Yay for face masks that make you look like a psycho killer but keep you from getting too sick!!
Also again, we spent more time at the hospital yesterday because Sis P's infection is back. The doctor told us "No ride bicycle for 5 day!" Buuut it doesn't look like that's going to happen. Haha

So I'm sorry this isn't the best of information packed emails. haha, I do have a really cool experience that I want to share though! So we were meeting with our President, president Changgai, and his family on Friday. It was one of those weird times when I was just completely lost and didn't know what in the world they were talking about (which doesn't usually happen now). I really wanted to understand what was being said, so that I could be apart of things and really show them my love for them. It was then that I realized that I hadn't prayed for the gift of tongues that day. Right then I said a little prayer asking for the gift to be able to understand, speak, and be understood. As soon as I closed the prayer the thought popped into my head that they were talking about family history! It wasn't a "well maybe they're talking about this.." but was more like "Psst! They're talking about family history!" Just plain, simple and clear, and clearly from the Holy Ghost. As soon as I ended the prayer I could understand the words I was hearing fast enough to put together and understand sentences and keep up with, and participate in, the conversation. The moral of this story is that the gift of tongues is very real and that the Holy Ghost really does speak to us through our hearts and our minds. I also now know that I really am given the gift of tongues on a daily basis, I just usually have no idea! I've been taking the lead in a lot more lessons lately and it's incredible to see how much help I'm given when I put in all my effort in teaching. I can actually talk! Full sentences and full lessons that are full of love. Prayers are answered!

Okay, time to go. I love you! Thank you for always emailing me! And loving me! Sorry no pictures today, I'm bummed I can't send them! I'll get you some next week though. Stay safe, stay awesome! Love you!

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