Monday, September 21, 2015

"Here comes the sun!"

Good news! The smog has gone away! We saw the sky on Friday for the first time in two weeks! I think there's a picture this week of what the sun looked like on Thursday. That was also the first time we'd seen any sign of the sun in a while. BUT now there's sun and clouds and sky! They do exist!!
Wow, actually, internet is way slow today, so maybe not very many pictures. It's okay though, I only had about 4 this week. 
Haha, That's way funny about the WWJD scripture. It's a real thing!!
We had a really good church attendance this week as well! Probably about 60 people! Unfortunately not very many stayed past sacrament meeting, but hey, baby steps! Normal numbers for church are about 30-40 in sacrament. NIce and cozy. :)
Thanks for the upcoming Christmas package! Way excited. ANd for the letter! I might not get it until zone conference, but maybe someone will end up making a trip to Singapore, and I'll get it early!
Kris and Sue are doing great! (Did you know Taro is actually yam? Turns out you've been getting blueberry and yam flavored smoothies at Orange Peel! Haha, Still yummy.) Anyway, They're doing great. Their testimonies are really growing! They still haven't been able to come to church lately because their Grandma passed away, and it's kind of a month long mourning period kind of thing; so they go back to Kampung every Sunday. We brought up their baptism date at our last appointment, though, and they jumped back to how they couldn't get baptized! I guess Roman Catholics consider it a sin if you get baptized in any other church than theirs, which makes sense until you know that only the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has the authority of God to baptize in His name. I'm not worried at all about them, though, their testimonies are really growing so much! It's just a matter of them understanding where the authority comes from, what it means, and who has it.
Hey, what does Noel mean?
This week has been a little weird though. I've been a little sick lately and Sister P got an infection this week, too, so we didn't leave the house at all on Thursday except to go to the doctor's. Oh! Actually, we walked over to the airport for some drinks only to find this ROCKIN Malaysian band performing on the second floor! Coolest. airport. ever. I guess their there every Thurs, Sat, and Sun. We can even hear them from our appartment and have been wondering what kind of party was going on over there! I always assumed it was a Muslim thing going on though. Haha, Who knew! Anyway. We also had a youth activity on Saturday! It was fun. All the youth in the district baked and made yummy food! There wasn't a lot of food though, so we ended up being invited over to President Changgai's house to eat some yummy food his wife made. Also, people here are way nice! His wife also randomely brought food to church yesterday and fed us some fried rice! And Sister Jijie also brought food for us because she knows we don't get lunch on Sundays! They're way nice. :) Blessings! 
Umm... That is all. This week is a little scatter brained. Sorry! 
I love you so much! Thanks for the awesome emails!

That's way cool about Noah. I was just looking at a picture of him this morning thinking about how hard it must have been to stand up and tell these things that you know are true and from God, all the while having people point and laugh at you and your God. In a lot of ways it's not so different from today, except that there are more of us that can stand together. But on the note of building boats, it makes me think of a thought I had about Nephi building the boat. Nephi was faithful in doing what the Lord asked him to do all the way through the prosess, even going the extra mile at times, and when he finished the boat he saw that it was a blessing from God! Meanwhile Laman and Lemual told Nephi he was a fool, that it couldn't be done, that it was going to sink, and even when they were making the boat they continued with this attitude, but after the boat was done they kind of sat back and said, "Well, of course this was God's doing! Look, it's great!" I've really found that this is relevant to trials and our attitude through our trials. Do I go through my trials believeing all the while that they're from God, that He's helping me -that if He's done all these wonderful things, how is it that He cannot help me (rough, rough paraphrase)? Or do I go through my trials complaining the whole time that God has forsaken me, and why is this happening, and wo, is me! ...Only to afterwards look back and say, "Oh, well, of course that was from God! Of course, it worked out!" I've found that it's quite applicable in my life. Haha

Enjoying Bobo Drinks!

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  1. Noel is the French word for Christmas :)
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