Monday, September 7, 2015

Randomness: Freckles, Faith in Speaking, & Loving the Rain!

I didn't take a lot of pictures this last week so I'm working on uploading those that never made it. They're a little random. :)
Malaysia Day was the saddest looking holiday I've ever seen. haha, No one celebrated!  There was definitely no festival, but I got a cool Malaysian Sorong! I'll send a picture of that next week. It's a skirt-like wrap that all the natives wear. :)
Oh, one of the pictures is from when we tried to make kettle corn and got the measurements wrong and added a ton of sugar. It was way krispy, but waaaay good. Hard as a rock. Haha
Thanks for the quotes and the insights on that question of mine. That's way cool! It makes so much sense!
I'm getting a lot of freckles on my arms. Like a lot. At first I was excited, but now I don't know how to feel!
So this is technically from last week, but it works. I gave my first talk in church last week! I got a call the day before and was like "oh shoot." I was super nervous about it and never left the piano bench that I was hiding on until I had to speak. But I was so nervous. Then President Changgai announced that our new missionary would be giving his testimony (strait from America), and that our new senior couple (also straight from America) would be giving their testimonies as well. I was so amazed by the courage, especially that of the senior couple, to get up and speak in this language. It was so cool! And it answered my prayers and gave me the courage I needed to give a little talk on the Atonement.
I actually don't notice the humidity anymore.... usually. Haha, So I'm probably pretty used to it. This last week has felt really nice though because it's been really rainy. I love the rain! You know I always have, but I definitely still do. I love riding my bike when it's just pouring and getting absolutely soaked. Maybe it's weird, but I absolutely love the feeling! Haha, actually, this last week we went to visit a potential on one of those days when it's pouiring rain. After we squeezed some water out of our skirts and entered her house, she insisted on taking a towel and wiping down my arms, my legs, my face, my skirt, my feet.... Haha, So basically I got wiped down by a very nice Bedaiu woman. It was pretty funny.
(Q: How's the language coming?) 
A: I'm told that my language is really good! Haha, I usually don't feel that way but I was really glad for exchanges because 1- it made me take the lead in everything (we were in my area this time) so I had to talk a lot more than usual, and 2- my STL was really encouraging and told me that she repeatedly forgot that I'd only been here one transfer because I spoke really well. It was really what I needed to hear. I'm defnitely getting better at just talking to people, too, about normal things. Yay!
Ah, geeze, sorry my mind is super weird today and I'm having a hard time writing. haha

I'm really sorry this is so short! But I love you!
From their zoo trip!


From the day that Sister P's skirt got caught in her bicycle

After they were rescued by the awesome senior couple with the skirt & Bicycle episode

Random Goofiness while waiting for an investigator to come home

Kettle corn attempt

P-Day road trip!

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