Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Happy Like Alma

So emailing is getting hard for me because I don't really know what to say. Could you give some questions of things you want to know? I just need some good promts like any good comedian, you know? ;)
Can someone please update me on the elections? All I've heard is a homeless man tell me hilary clinton died. He said he saw it on Facebook. I don't know. 
This week I got sick, again, so I've been out for a few days, but now I'm ready to go again! I still have a lingering cough from when I was sick last time, but I'm sure it'll go away when I get back to America. But this means I've almost finished Jesus The Christ! 
In other news I haven't seen any of conference yet, but I get to see it this week!!! Every year I get more excited for conference. Someday I'll probably just blow up from all of the excitement. Or pass out like Alma, he's always doing that when he's happy.
This week we met with our branch mission leader and went through the branch list so he could tell us about all the people on there that we don't know and can't find. It worked out even better, too, because his whole family was there to help! It really helped us funnel all the names down to the ones we can/should meet with.
Pictures this week: some cake that an interesting person gave us; sister Cloward cleaning the airconds; and a family in our branch we got to meet yesterday! We took a bus, then a taxi to get to their house on top of this beautiful winding hill. But the picture of the jungle is not that place, it was just pretty. :)
V sends us multiple sms's every day trying to teach us his native dialect. I'm still lost.
No other revelations this week, haha, those are rare and far apart, but I'll keep you updated.
There's not much to say this week, I've been out for most of the week! I'll send more next week. Thanks for the pictures! I always love them.
For medical and things appointments that I need after my mission... when should I give you that list? haha
Stay safe! 
Sister Cloward Fixing the AC

Mystery Cake


Visiting a Ward Family!

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