Friday, September 30, 2016

New Investigators! (And many, many pictures!)

Thanks for finding housing for me! I trust you. :)
We got a new investigator this week! Yay!
Last week for P-Day we went to an island called... I don't remember. But it was so fun! The elders ran off to play in a field so we sisters found a trail that led straight through the middle of the island. We went jungle trecking! On an island! Up and over and through and under. Naturally, that was they day I forgot to wear bug spray. But it was so worth it! At the end it led to this beautiful cliff where the waves crashed up against the rocks. We sat there for a good while, took some pictures (naturally, I'm the photographer's daughter) and sat and talked. I never wanted to leave!
Other than that this week was, again, a lot of contacting. Because of upcoming changes and transitions in the mission Pres Simmons is encouraging us to try to contact in English, which actually has been working surprisingly well.
A dog almost bit me. Rats run rampid in this city at night. God asnwered our prayers to meet a family to teach last week! We'll meet them this week. :)
I got a uke, did I tell you that?
Pictures: We found monkeys picking through the trash; my average meal ( I think I'm allergic to squid??); I found a puppy running through the jungle!; and our fan club. :)
Haha, In church yesterday the lesson was on talents and when the teacher asked what some tallents were they all went off. Some of my favorite ones were googling recipes to feed missionaries and killing beawoks/monitor lizards. Talents come in many forms.
I love you! I hope I answered the questions you asked!


average dinner!

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