Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Play by Play

Okay, this week I'm just going to give a play by play.
We had district meeting! District meeting is always interesting,haha. We have a native district leader right now; and everyone in our district speaks Malay except the new Chinese sister; so half the meeting is in Malay and the other half is in English. Then we went contacting and met an old Chinese man herding his dogs and talked to him for a while about why there are so many Chinese in Malaysia. In case you were wondering, I still don't know the answer. We also made study journals for our investigators! Well, they aren't investigators any more, but they were at that time! Now their study journals for our Less-Actives. :)
We taught our English class! Not to be confused with the English class at the church on Firdays, this one is at a Cheshire home. I don't know how to explain it. But this week my students weren't there so I helped sister Welling teach her class. Every time I teach English I realized how little English I really know, and how many weird rules and words we have. Coiffed? Does anyone use that word? I don't think so. We also met V and did his homework with him of reading scriptures on repentace. I loved it because his understanding of everything in the gospel has just flown up since he recieved the gift of the Holy Ghost! The promises are real. Also, one of my favorite members who is pretty LA, S, helped with the lesson and gave great insights. He also came to district conference on Sunday, which made my week!
Thursday, haha, Oh Thursday. Interesting things happened. But they're not important. We went to the hospital because Sister Cloward's back has been hurting really bad. They told her there's nothing wrong and that her friend sitting in the waiting room should give her back massages to make it better. I'm starting to wonder if this is my calling in life, massages. I keep having companions who need massages, neck, back; it's basically my mission calling now. Haha, I'm okay with it, though. They always ask if my Chiropractor dad taught me how, haha.
We also planned for the week. :)
Friday we went contacting in an apparently all Chinese area. Since when are there no actual Malaysians in Malaysia? I don't know, but I can't find any of them! And I don't speak Chinese! Haha, I should have listened to Tyler's lessons better before I left! Anyway, We only have half an investigator right now; and it's been really hard to meet with members, so we're getting really good at contacting. Actually, we are. It's actually my favorite part of missionary work now, next to actually teaching. Every time I get so nervous when I go to talk to someone - I never know how they're going to react! But then I get to talk to them, really talk to them; we talk about what they like, what they don't like, why they choose to believe in God, and the questions that they have about him. Then, my favorite part, we get to share about the Restoration and the BofM, where their question is answered! Then they're either really happy, really confused, or really upset, haha. And then it starts over again!
We also teach our actual English class on Fridays at the church. I like it because I get to play the hymns for a good half an hour while everyone comes in, and then do a whole bunch of random things to describe random words that I sometimes wonder if people actually use. Again, coiffed? Really? Then we walked home from the church with the elders. I really appreciate elders, they make it so easy to see the difference between a man who lives God's commandments and one who doesn't. It's a stark, stark, really, really, big, contrasting, definite difference!
I got interviews! My interview with Pres was great because I was telling him how I always have this person in my mind who I really want to become, but sometimes it's just so hard and change feels so slow! Which it is. But he told me that in his son's mission the mission president is giving them all the addiction recovery booklet, because,he says, "We all have addictions. For some it's laziness, for some it's making fun of others, for some it's another." I think that's so smart! And right. I've looked through it a little before, but I really want to get more into it.
We also contacted a lot. again. To a whole bunch of Chinese people. I still don't speak Chinese. My favorite is when they come to the door, look out, and say, "No one is home!" ....Really? hahaha
District conference! It was amazing! I understood all the talks, S was there, V was there... it was a beautiful day. After, stuff happened but I'm out of time. So now you know what my week basically looked like!
Also, dad, Thanks, that Singapore kid sent me a letter. With a bird. haha
That is all, prayers for people who are ready to accept and live the gospel and build the kingdom are appreciated. Love you!
I'm pray for your safety all the time, mom!

Loving the weather!


The sisters are cooking local cuisine!

Someone has acquired a new ukulele!

New dress requirements to protect the sisters from mosquitos! (I think.)

Sushi lunch!

Sister MacKay's "End of Mission" bike, not to be confused with her first mission bike. 


Rockin' the Headband!

Beautiful sisters!

The White House

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