Monday, September 12, 2016

Mahu hujan! ("Love the rain!" - I think...)

Okay, fast email because my computer hasn't been working.
It's raining so much! I love it. :)
Good news, I'm still in KK! And Sister Cloward is still my comp. :) Today was transfers. haha
This week was weird, mostly because I was sick, so there wasn't a whole ton of missionary work this first half of the week besides lots of phone calls. But the miracle is that we had a great contacting experience yesterday. We had four lessons set up with four new investigators that all fell through, along with the backup plans (one of those days), so we went contacting in an area near the church. I wasn't so sure about it because it was a nicer area with a lot of Chinese people - and I don't speak Chinese. But as we started knocking on the doors we had three amazing contacts that were all about 20 minutes long. They were amazing! We were really focusing on knowing what their needs are and helping them see how that question could be answered through the Restored gospel and the Book of Mormon, which is something I've been studying this week. In PMG there's a section about the questions of the soul that shows how all of those are answered in the BofM. I love telling people about it! It's now the main way I tell people about the gospel because it makes it possible to apply the gospel directly to their needs. Have you ever wondered how believing in Jesus Christ can even help you? Well, we know a place you can find the answer. Anyway, I love teaching situations like that. I've noticed lately that my ability to teach not just to my understanding, but to theirs has increased so much over my mission. It changes a lot. 

I haven't gotten the package yet, but no one has been to SG lately. I'll probably get it next month. :-/ Thanks for sending it! haha, I guess I'll get it right in time to go home! Oops!
Oh, I'm famous on FB! We were advertizing for English class one day when I guess someone took a picture of us, posted it on FB, and now half the people we meet on the street say "hey! Aren't you the ones with the English class?" Haha, It's really funny. Everyone knows us!
I... don't know what pictures made it this week. My computer wigged out. Maybe I'll tell you next week!
Tell Caleb B I say hi!
I'm so glad Ashley is willing to live with me! Whew! Relief. and Yay! I want pics of the boyfriend!

Haha, It's funny you end your email that we this week, mom. Because I was sick half the week it was so hard to focus! I'm so conflicted! I'm excited to go home, but I don't want to leave! That's okay, I still have a really long time on my mission. ...Right?
Haha, I also definitely had a going back to school dream a few weeks ago. I couldn't find any of my classes. 
That's normal right?
Life is great! I ride a party bus home every night with a disco ball and bass so loud I feel it in my chest. Hahaha, It makes my day every time.
Dad, what does the iPhone 7 look like?? The picture makes me laugh, aaaaaand..... I love you a lot. :) Keep going with the bike!

I love you both! I'm excited to go to your seminary class whenever I'm in town!

Sis. Cloward with English class sign!

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