Monday, October 31, 2016

Selamat Hari Halloween! (Happy Halloween!)

Wow. Okay, this has been a super weird week. Good week! Just a weird good week.
So, to start out I was by myself HALF THE WEEK. It felt like I was released already and I didn't like it! haha. I flew to Singapore, got some Starbucks (as promised), sat next to a super chatty guy from Australia, got to SG grabbed some quick lunch/dinner, got to the office by 7 where the sister Kunz gave me a big hug and gave me the info for my hotel. I then traveled in the direction of my hotel, asked someone how to find it, got lost, asked again, found it. Also, found out transfer news.
Then the next day I went to a giant district meeting which was spiritual food I definitely needed (my district meetings for the past transfer have been held in broken English. It's sweet but sometimes hard to understand :), then spent most of the day going to enlgish class training and repacking my storage suitcase. Then flew back. By myself. It's cool, I didn't get lonely!
My new companion is Sister Lee! She's actually from here (KK) so she's serving in her own city, which is a bit unusual! She's been transfered here because of back problems that make it difficult for her to ride a bycicle and this is the only area in East Malaysia with a functioning bus system. She's 29 and, yes, speaks Malay and a liiiiiitle bit of English. It's going well. :)
 It's an interesting companionship, I never thought I'd be living with a native Malaysian speaking Malay 24/7! I've been blessed a lot this week as I've prayed for strength, charity, patience, hope, and faith. Your prayers are also very, very appreciated.
Sister Welling and I have become very close this week as she is also training a Malaysian from West who is a little older, and she has only just finished being trained herself. 
In other news we've gotten so many amazing referrals this week!
Our recent convert V has been on fire with missionary work. I think of him kind of like Alma, he's had a might change of heart and he wants to share it with everyone! He was exactly what one of our English class students needed to have the courage to meet with the missionaries, and now he's brought his friend Mahudi to meet sister Lee and I! He's so funny, he always says, "Sisters. I don't play around. I tell people that if they want to learn they can't be 50/50, they have to be serious about this!" And he's bringing people that are seriously seeking truth. Mahudi used to be a pastor but decided he wanted to learn deeper about Christ and he just wasn't finding it where he was at. He told us that before he came to English class (where we met and later taught him) he prayed for guidance. After he prayed he... I don't know how to say in English. Us google translate: dia menerima wahyu (he had a revelation) that that night he would meet two people who would teach him truth. Later that night he met us and told us that we were those two people God had told him about.
We also met two referrals from one of our members who just moved her this last week. He's hilarious and brought us to meet his girlfriend and cousin. As we taught the were really shy and didn't say much, but as we shared the first vision both of their eyes welled up with tears. I knew it was the holy ghost but still was a little confused so I asked them what they were feeling and they both broke down sobbing! Not knowing what to do I said a quick little prayer and felt that I should ask them if they had ever prayed for truth. "Yes!" they both said. "Do you think that this, just like God answered Joseph Smith's prayer to find truth, could also be God answering your prayers to find truth?" To which neither of them could say anything they were crying so hard. I still don't know exactly their question but I do believe that they were so emotional because of the strong spirit that was there testifying to them that this is the truth they've been searching for. That is a miracle. :)
We also taught a less-active this week. She's really hard to teach because she won't. say. anything. How are we supossed to teach to her needs if she won't talk to us? But this, week after praying to know her needs, we found one! I asked her how her son's exams had gone and she went off! She told us, or rather our member present, how stressed she is about her son and the decisions he's making. For a good five minutes. After she was done I pounced on the topic of the two thousand strippling warriors! Granted I had to flip through the bofm for a good five minutes trying to find it, but we found it! We shared how their mother's example in faith and obedience to God is truly what protected each and every one of those young men as they fought in battle and exercised the faith they learned from their parents, and also how parents can really, actually, receive guidance for how to raise their children! Specific guidance! I don't think she believed me. But I told her about my own parent's example of faith and righteousness and how it's effected me and my siblings. I still didn't think she believed me so I shared with her what you two have shared with me before about the ways that God has guided you and answered your prayers as you sought to raise and take care of four growing individuals! I told that I know I don't know what it's like being a parent but that I can share from the other side that her example can move mountains for her son. I know it too. Sigh, now she just needs to believe it! After, I asked if they wanted to see my examples and showed them a picture of my family. :)
Also, Sister Julidah was amazed that none of my family is fat. Literally amazed. Congrats, guys. We're all skinny.
Families aren't always ideal, it's very true today. What I do know is that a happy, successful (defined in whatever sense you like) family is the product of a family who teaches and learnes and lives the teachings of Jesus Christ together. I know it and I love it!
Also, yesterday, was missionary Sunday and we all gave talks. Thankfully the elders talked a lot so I only had five minutes. Yes!

Favorite scripture.... I can't remember the verse, Alma 42? It's when Alma the younger says "I was in the gals of bitterness... so great was my joy that my pains were swollowed up in the joy of my savior!" It's two verses and it's basically poetry about the relief of repentance. :)
I love you so much! 

Zone Conference?

BofM and a steamer.

Me on day three of airports. Wating for S Lee.

HARRY! He's the one that's started learning from English class. He's amazing!

Our combined RS and Primary activity Sunday night.

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Some members that we bumped into in the mall! they go trick or treating in malls here. It's crazy!

Bus stop on a stinkin hot Sunday

My dying planner.

Today getting ready to leave the house with sister Lee!

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