Thursday, October 27, 2016

Apa hal hak pilihan. Pilih yang benar! (Your choices matter. Choose the right!)

This week my faith has grown as God pointed out to me that no matter how many times I teach a lesson or contact someone new I still get nervous, but what I have learned is that He always will help me in these lessons. If I'm willing to accept the help. If I'm not, well, that usually doesn't end up going quite as well.
The miracle of this week was Joel! He's a referral from his muslim friend we met on the street. He's an SDA Philippino and has about the sweetest heart ever; he just loves God! We met him and shared the restoration but it was the best restoration we've ever taught! We were so prompted what questions to ask to truly understand his testimony and his concerns. At the end I asked, if you fell that this is true, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ -"yes"- and be baptized -"definitely!"- by someone holding the priesthood authority of God? "yes!" He was so excited! Not yet sure if there really was a true church and if this was it but he told us that he wanted to pray and find out. *sigh* now if he'd only answer his phone.
Branch wise we've really been trying hard to work with members and the branch council to find who in the ward needs strengthening and how we can use the goldmine. We've met with half the branch council this week going over the branch list with all of them. We're learning more about the branch, but it's proving to be very hard to find new inactives to work with. We're working on it though!
(I asked her about transfers.) Haha, I'm a solo missionary today and most of tomorrow. I have no idea who my new companion is, but if I have one she'll fly in on Wednesday. :) I thought Sister Welling would be going with m; but S. Quan (s Welling's comp and STL) let it slip that she's training, so she won't fly in to SG until Wednesday. It's a crazy week, the whole mission is flying all over the place! 
Ha, Sister Welling trying on the baptism dress for her investigator. It was a little small. Actually, I helped teach this investigator of theirs! Because S. Quan is gone so much we always went to teach her because she only speaks Malay...and only S Quan speaks Malay in their companionship. So I basically had a half investigator baptized this week! Us four sisters sang Where Can I Turn For Peace. S. Quan is a fan of impromptu musical numbers, haha. At zone conference they announced she was doing the musical number on her violin and she said, "Sister MacKay is playing the piano for me." What? So I made up a piano part as she made up a violin solo! It's exciting. She keeps me on my toes.
There are also pictures of English class! It was graduation so we played a lot of games. S Welling is very competitive. 
We finally found Indian food in KK!
We fixed both our bikes this week so we've been biking a lot. Our area is HUGE and everyone is spread out, so I convince Cloward to stretch her legs on some nice hour long bike rides along the beach instead of sitting inside a bus. Then again, buses are also very exciting here; they have disco balls.
We did FHE with one of my favorite families last week! The Chuahs! I look up to B and S Chuah a lot.We played UNO and compared obedience with Heavenly Father to obedience in our families.

Op, Taxi is here! Did I tell you that our branch president is a taxi driver? Anyway, time to fly! I'll think of you (but mostly Kristen) as I drink my steamer. I love you tons! I wish I could say more!
That's S. Welling. Her comp s. Quan is traveling most of the time as an STL so the three of us have been together for a lot of the transfer.

Go away, sin!

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