Monday, October 10, 2016


I'm going in for a visa run to Singapore, I'll definitely go incognito. Thanks for sending the flight info! Without it, I'd probaly get chopped out of SG.
I'm feeling hungry, but, otherwise, I'm feeling great! My fever is gone, energy is great, cough is almost gone, and my sore throat is finally gone!
I could tell you about SG next week. :) I made a list of things we can do. Thanks for planning so much! I'm down for beaches, temples, and elephants! I actually never went to botanical gardens, but I hear both that and Gardens by the Bay are amazing. Look that one up and tell me what you think. :)
Thanks for the article! I don't know what it's about but I'll print and read it! :)
So awesome news! I just found out that the girl I taught in Singpore got baptized this week!!!! And her brother will be baptized in another week or two!! I'm so happy for them! 
One of our miracles happened yesterday as we were contacting. We were excited to go for the fourth floor, last door, and were hoping to find a wife for one of our members, Andrayano. One of the first houses we approached we met the driver for the family who lives there. He was excited to meet us and told us how much he respected us for sharing the gospel. He loooooved Jesus. We asked him if he liked the Bible, he said he loved the bible. We told him that we had a book when knew he'd like, and handed him a Book of Mormon. He quickly took it from our hands and flipped through it as we told him what it is: another testimony of Jesus Christ and that through this book when can learn deeper in the teachings of Jesus Christ and even come to know him personally. He kept saying "this book is very good!" When I offered to give him the book he didn't wait for me to finish asking before he said "yes!" We're more than excited to meet with him again.
Another miracle is a girl, Relesteka, we met last week. The missionaries met her in May and she couldn't meet until sister Cloward called her last week on one of my sick days. When we met her she couldn't wait to hear what a prophet was. When we told her we were asked by a living prophet to share what we know is true she said, "that! What is that, a prophet?" So we told her alllll about God's pattern of calling prophets, and that because he loves all of his children he'll always call another prophet. After we told her about Joseph Smith seeing God and Jesus Christ we told her that because of that we have a prophet who lives today, to which she said, "whoa." yeah, "whoa" is right. Throughout the lesson one by one her friends slowly walked over to the pavilion we were sitting under, at first standing just far enough to see us, then to hear a little, then they sat at the table, until we had eight people standing and sitting around the table, listening to the message of the restoration. It was a beautiful miracle. 
My faith has grown as I've testified over and over and over again the past few weeks that we have a living prophet today who speaks to us all! That Christ speaks to the prophet who then shares that message with all of us so we can hear God speaking to us today - just like in the bible! I love to share the message that God loves us today as much as he loved the people in the time of the bible, that's why he gives us a prophet. Isn't that amazing?? The days leading up to conference this last week felt like the days leading up to Christmas. I couldn't wait!
I'm so greatfull for the experiences I've had on my mission. I was thinking about it yesterday, and I've realized that through all these experiences I can now say with complete certainty that I will always have a testimony, that I will always follow the commandments, that I will read the Book of Mormon and pray every day, and that I will be able to stand before God at my last days and be overjoyed to see his face. I love this church. I love it because I know it's true, I know Thomas S. Monson is God's living messenger, and more than anything I know that God loves his children.
And I love you all!
This is the haunted house that they built in the middle of our mall. They let Zombies loose in the mall, too, that people have to catch. It's exciting to walk through it all every day, to say the least.

These are also some of the Zombie prisoners loose in the mall that we live in. I now live in a haunted house.

This is another FHE we did last week. WE played charades about spiritual gifts. Highlights were the santa clause impersination and my trying to act out dinosaur. 

There's another picture of this MOUNTAIN we biked up to go contacted at the appartment on top. I'm glad I don't live there. Well, we started biking but it got to the point where I was on my lowest gear and peddling a hundred mph and going nowhere, so we walked instead. Or rather, hiked.

Pictures are of FHE last week with the Sokupit family and our RC V! We taught them how to play ninja, then talked about the family proc and how we don't want our family to be like a game of ninja ( everyone fighting and hitting each other), but we want our families to be more like a game of human knot (which we then played), where we work together to solve problems. It was so fun! V kept distracting me in ninja so he could get me out. He's sneaky!


Conference! That's not my foot.

We went contacting last night and it rained really hard! I didn't bring an umbrella. It's too heavy.

Sister Cloward!

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