Sunday, July 10, 2016

Miracles, Weeding, Training & a BOLO

The miracle this week is that a long-time less active came up to us this Sunday and asked if we could come to her house and start teaching her 9yr old son the lessons so he can be baptized this fall! Before this she wouldn't keep any contact with us or anyone else and if she felt too much pressure about church she would disappear of the planet. So this is great! I don't know what exactly changed, but it seems her time has come to start reactivating. Also, We got two member referrals this week! Miracle! One was from a family we visited right before they moved and loaded up with pamphlets and pass-along cards to give as "goodbye gifts." He sent the referral on our ward group messege. We saw it during studies and knelt down to say a thank you prayer and to ask that others in the ward would see it and be inspired to refer their friends to us also. Two minutes later we get an sms from a sister in the ward who said that seeing the group messege reminder her of a friend who is struggling. God answers prayers! Aaaand that made my faith grow. Actually, I feel like my faith ironically grew as we didn't see a lot of success in getting new investigators, or even expat potentials this week. We talked to so. many. expats. So many Athiests! I started really getting down to business with them and, boy, was it frustrating. Why do none of them want the Gospel? I guess because they aren't ready. But it's really sad, president. Really, really sad. Because I do love them, but they just aren't getting it. When sister my comp started getting down about people's responses  wondering if we're doing something wrong, I told her that right now we're literally (or as literal as you can get) thrusting in the sickle with all we have. God promises that there are people that are ready, not everyone, but there are people. Right now we're just doing a little weeding. I feel like when I teach and train my companion that I'm really the one being taught by Heavenly Father. It's a real blessing, because I think I needed to hear that as much as she did. We're working hard together and we're learning hard together! D&C 4 is a fantastic chapter by the way. Applicable to member and missionary. Thank you for you missionary moments! 
It looks like you all are having a blast at the cabin! ...Do I get a picture of Sariah's "friend?" Also, that picture of Gus smiling is the happiest baby I have EVER seen! haha
Cameron and Taylor are doing great! We're working on getting in contact with their dad so we can have permission for them to be baptized. They're such happy kids! This week we're really starting to work on reading the BofM daily. Starting with just reading it. haha. They honestly love church and all the people there and everyone really loves them. They've definitely brought a huge missionary spirit into the ward!
I think that's all... My comp is S. Roylance from Heber, Utah. She's 19, super cute. Blond. 5'4", blue eyes. Umm... I don't know how else to describe her! But now you know what to look for if she ever robs a bank...
Love you! 

I LOVE all the pictures!!!
ooh, sorry, no pictures this week. But I pick up my camera today!

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