Monday, July 25, 2016

Sayang kamu banyak!

My fingers are so cold.
 I asked President today if I could please train for the rest of my mission? It's really so much fun and I'm  learning so much. My mission has never been more meaningful, productive, focused, or fun. I love training and I love Sister Roylance! We get along really well.
This week was amazing! We went from having basically 3 investigators to almost 11 by next week! The area has literally exploded!
We also had an incredible experience with our investigator on date, Lysander, last week. We had just had a really amazing lesson about the word of wisdom and had talked about how commandments are really just a show of God's love for us and the fact that He's STILL giving commandments today is showing that God loves him, Lysander. And everyone who lives today. :) The spirit was really strong at that point, but then we sang a closing hymn (if we forget to sing with him he reminds us, haha), Joseph Smith's First Prayer. As we sang the Spirit just grew stronger and stronger until the last words, "Joseph saw the living God" that literally rang in the air. I looked up at him, and his face was an expression of total aw; jaw dropped, eyes moist.. it was a moment where no one wanted to speak because it felt like Heaven. After he said the closing prayer I turned and asked him what he was feeling. He said that he just felt like all his cares and worries had been washed away. It was the strongest I've ever felt the spirit. It was just a feeling of complete love and peace beyond anything you can describe. It's definitely not anything you can feel watching your favorite tv show, that's for sure. 
So I'd say that's both a miracle and a faith builder.
Our members are so excited about the missionary work in 1st ward! Which... is where all of our investigators are. BUT we're about to get two in 4th ward and we are so excited for it.
Thank you so much for the letters (Kris and mom!)

I love you bunches!

                                                                          Boat ride to Pula Ubin 

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