Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Blessing of the Holy Ghost, Q & A, & Even MORE Photos!

WE GOT A NEW INVESTIGATOR!!!! It's a miracle. We gave him a tour of the church and when we got to the chapel the spirit was really strong. We shared the Restoration with him and he accepted the book of mormon and is coming to church next week and praying about it.
I feel like this week I've just felt the spirit so much, constantly.  Yesterday I realized that really the only thing that makes our church anything more than just another church claiming the truth is the confirmation of the Holy Ghost that this is all true.
We've started letting our members know what investigators are coming to church and what they need to hear. So far so good! More people welcomed our investigators yesterday.
Eesh, this is short, but I have to go because we're going to go ride bikes around pula ubin! Wooo pday!  It's not dad's fault! Mom... probably knows why.
I love you so much!
It's totally my fault she wrote a short email, so here's what we chatted about:

Q: What was the "High" of your week? 
A: Haha, honestly my favorite park was when Sister Roylance and I were late to a less actives house to clean it when we got off the train this massive rain storm started. We ran into 7-11 to get some cheap umbrellas, and walked out ready to face the storm. When we opened the umbrellas mine fell into pieces and s. Roylance's crumpled and was completely maimed! There was nothing else to do so we walked out into the rain and got completely soaked. It was the funniest thing. We laughed the whole way and had to wring ourselves out when we got to the appointment!
Q: Did you have time to return them?
A: The pictures are on dropbox of us walking through the rain! :) Haha, definitely did not take the time to return it. It's our own fault for paying $4 for an umbrella!

Q: How on earth did you run into Watt?! (He's a friend of our boys; he took Tyler to the ER at like 2 am when he had food poisoning in Thailand! He stayed with us last summer for several days while visiting the US.)
A: That's so funny. I stood up after sacrament and the guy (Watt) was sitting on the bench across, jumped up (literally), and said "hi, Sister MacKay!" ....I had no idea who he was. Hahaha, It took me until he said that my Malay name tag looked funny that I realized he wasn't from Singapore or Malaysia, and I realized who he was! He was very insulted I didn't remember he was a lawyer, so I didn't think I'd bring up that I couldn't remember his name, haha. He grabbed an LA and had him take our picture. So funny.

Q: It looks like you and Sister Roylance are having fun! How's it going? 
A: Yeah, we're having a ton of fun! We had a photoshoot with our elephant pants and cracked up hard. haha, I don't know if the video will show, but it's really funny.

Q: Did you know Sis Roylance knows Jayden? (Alex's cousin's daughter, but they're almost the same age.)
A: I saw! lol So weird. I just showed her Jayden's wedding pictures that you took!

Q: I want to buy some elephant pants!
A: Uh, Yeah! They're the best thing ever! We'll take a walk through China Town and get some. :D
P-Day fun

Moms in our English class

Enjoying the ride!


7-11's $4 umbrella = FAIL! lol

another broken umbrella

Getting Soaked!

Pics of Sis. Anderson left over on the camera :D

Lovin' the pics from weeks past!

Watt shows up in Singapore!

Elephant pants Photo shoot!

Add caption

found some glasses at church lol

still drying off after the faulty umbrellas

The offending umbrellas

uncropped pic shows a bit of their apartment 

These two are so adorable in their elephant pants!

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