Monday, July 11, 2016

Kimchi, International Intrigue, & a Lesson in Obedience

Soooo This week was exchanges in KL! I love KL. :) I got to be with sister Crandall again and help her find some members homes that they haven't been able to get in contact with. It was a little sad because there are a handful of my favorite members who have started going less active, but I'm happy knowing they're in good hands with the sisters there. 
My camera got fixed this week! I'm so happy that we probably went a little selfie crazy. My favorite picture this week is the one of S Roylance holding up her food. Haha, the moment I took that picture she was saying "what's this...??" Kimchi, you learn to love it. I've been introducing her to all of my favorite local foods, and, well, I think it's been a big adventure! It's been baptism by fire with the food. Especially because our fridge broke this week so it's been a lot of local foods.
Traveling to KL was fun because 1. I wore jeans ( :D ) because last time immigration nearly didn't let me into Singapore so I went incognito this time, and 2. Singapore airport is just fun! We found a cactus garden and I emberased my companion with my self timing camera.
Taylor and Cameron are doing great still! There was some awesome progress as we've put a huge emphasis on reading the BofM daily and applying it to themselves. It's been perfect because they've come to dinner at members houses where we had members share their experiences with the BofM, and it's even ended up being a theme at church. Taylor, Cameron, AND JORDAN (their brother who's usually not interested) read this week! It's huge for them! We also taught them about obedience and, after playing red light green light, talked about how God's commandments are because he wants us to be happy, and are a sign of his love for them.I shared a story about a time when I decided to go off a hiking trail and climbed up a cliff face. By myself. It was really stupid! Once I got half way up the wall I realized how bad of a decision I'd made (that's when I started to pray) and also realized that if I'd just stayed on the path it may have taken longer but it would have been a lot safer. When Taylor said the closing prayer he said "Thank you for wanting us to be happy....we're really just glad to know someone wants us to be happy." It was the highlight of my week! They're really starting to get that God loves them.
Lysander is at the point where he'll either decide that this is something that he wants to know is true or not. Last week we put him on date for August, but he had a lot of concerns. We're meeting with him today and hoping we can resolve some of them.
I'm concerned and frustrated about the lack of new investigators, or even expat potentials, in our areas. I'm trying to build my faith here, but it's a little rough right now. I'm doing everything I know to do and will do more this week. I'm thankful for a companion who is just as motivated as I am to work hard!
Pray for the expats! haha, This week we tried to spice up contacting a bit, so at one point we sang I am a child of God to a half drunk German atheist on the MRT. ...I think he felt the spirit! haha, I love you so much! I'm so glad you all had so much fun at the cabin! Be safe this week!

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