Thursday, March 31, 2016

So Many Miracles! & She's Headed to Singapore!

Ahhhhhh! I can't believe Josh and Maddie are parents!!!!!! He's so cute! Oh my goodness! This is so crazy! This is so hard for me to wrap my mind around! I feel like I wasn't as mentally prepared for this one! Whoa! yay!!! What's his middle name? What day was he born? How is Maddie doing??

In other news........I'm going to SINGAPORE!!!! And my companion is SISTER ANDERSON!!!! I am so happy! We've been in the same apartment for the last five months and she's basically my favorite person in the mission. I'm so excited! We're whitewashing the area, so it's definitely going to be an adventure. And you know what? I hear they have CHEESE there! And real milk! And a Baja Fresh! ....But that's besides the point. I'm trying not to think too much about leaving KL branch because I just love the people here so much - they are my family here. I am so beyond grateful though that Heavenly Father gave me the opportunity to serve here and to make the friendships that already have changed my life and will no doubt continue to change me and my heart. I love them so much!! I can't even describe it. They're the most wonderful people on earth. I'm excited to meet more of the most wonderful people on earthy in Singapore. :)
I did. I.....AM ALIVE!!! IT LIVES! Haha, But really. I'm so excited about transfers! Sister Anderson is basically the happiest person I know. :) Yay!
Camera..... won't turn on. I'll probably end up buying a new one if that's okay? The senior couple was really nice and took it into a shop this week to try and get it fixed, but I guess the shop didn't know what to do for it. :-/ It lived a good productive life!
I uploaded some pictures from last week and this week. S. Anderson let me borrow her camera for a bit today to take pictures of our trip to Melaka. We stood on a boat! ...landlocked boat. haha
Thanks for the update on the bombings. I heard about those, I guess it's all over the news. Way to go for that missionary testifying! Prayers to them!

Thiiiiiiis weeeeeek was pretty good! Our investigator that I talked about last week has really just had an incredible transformation! Most of the times I'm left speechless at our teaching appointments with her because she understands the gospel so well! And she has no Christian background! She said that before she came to church for the first time she didn't understand the things she was reading in the Book of Mormon or what we were teaching her, but since she came to church everything just makes sense to her! We were talking about baptism the other day, explaning what it is, and before we could even get to explanion WHY we're baptized she explained to US why we should be baptized and how to her it just makes sense to be baptized. What?? haha, It's incredible how she is being taught by the Holy Ghost. It's amazing! Literally, awe-some how God blesses us with wisdom, understanding, and knowledge when we follow his commandments.
I had a funny experience this week where I got to talk to and teach a couple how to have a succesful the simplest, truest form; by making their marriage relationship a triangle relationship with God so that as they come closer to God they come closer to each other. I almost started laughing as I was explaining it because it seems so backwards! haha, A single 20 yr old sharing with people twice her age how to have a successful marriage! But as I'm saying this I'm realizing that it's the same with all the things we missionaries teach. Life happiness, overcoming challenges, knowing God, all these things from people who usually don't have all the much life experience. But I know that it is definitely God using weak things (like teenagers and old people) to do his work and it only proves His power and wisdom. Not that old people are weak.
This week there was also a miracle that happened on a really hard day when a member visiting from Hong Kong saw us calling potentials in a mall with our "free English class" sign and decided to buy us Smoothies! And then a few minutes later he showed up again with a bag full of candy, cough drops, and other nice stuff! It was such a nice thing to do, and it really got me thinking about how our actions effect others. Such a small act of some stranger buying me a smoothie completely changed my attitude on a hard day. We have so much power to effect those around us, for good or for bad, and that experience really made me think about how I'm effecting those around me. Moral of the story: if you ever see missionaries walking in the heat, buy them a smoothie. Jokes. You can buy anyone a smoothie. :)

I love you so much! I can't thank you enough for the pictures of Auggie!
I just wrote this real fast because we got back really late from our trip and I don't have a lot of time, so no one is allowed to be offended if they don't get an email!!!! Because I love you all, dang it! hahaha


Sister Anderson & her former companion.

Sister A. sitting on a subway

Awesome, fun KL missionaries!

Formal farewell to an awesome group in KL!

Our radiant missionary!


Happiest of Companions! MacKay & Anderson! -Singapore, here we come!

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