Saturday, April 9, 2016

White-Washing Singapore is a Blast!

Hiiiii! I'm so sorry, there's no time to email today and I have to send one to president! 

Yes, packages can! I live right next door to the mission office.
I'm so excited to be here in Singapore! Sister Anderson and I are having a blast figuring everything out together, teaching, and finding together. On Sunday we were stopped by an Indian man riding his bike who saw us leaving church and asked if he could come next week! He'd just moved here from India, so he's looking for a church. Miracle!
Faith wise... I feel like I'm still figuring out God's expectations for me. It's an ongoing lesson. But something I've started really putting a focus on this week is kneeling down at the end of the day and figuring out with God if I had done my best that day - which is hard! It's hard to say you've done your best when it hasn't been a perfect day! But I'm learning that the only way I can know if I've done my best is by counseling with God, because he's the only one who knows what my best really is. I don't even know what my best is! But that process is helping me to not worry so much about my mistakes and limitations and to feel the Spirit more throughout every day.
There seems to be a lot of working with members here. I'm so excited! The members all seem strangely, really strangely excited to be working with Sister Anderson and me, too. We had a lot of people at church tell us they wanted us to come meet their friends. Whoo! 
I got a new camera! I'll take lots of pictures this week! I loooooooooooooooove you! Sorry this is so short! Time is weird today! We're going biking on an Island...? I think.... THANK YOU FOR THE PICTURES!!! Maddie is the cutest mother ever! Well, her and Kris are. But when Imari has a baby then her, Kris, and Maddie will be the cutest mothers ever. So it all works out. haha, I'm pretty sure Auggie can fit in one of Josh's huge hands! I'm excited to hear conference this week!
We had a family friend that posted a photo and FB message to me on Sunday! She said, "Your cute Alex was in our ward here in Singapore on Sunday so I had to snap a picture for you. She seems to be adjusting well. We'll be sure to take good care of her! "

Singapore ExPat ward!
Her darling companion sent me her email, as well! Here is part of it. It's fun to get her perspective:
I am so sorry but i have NO time we are taking a boat out to a small island where we will bike around for the day and we dont have time because my new companion needed to go buy a camera!  We are white washing two wards oh ya did i menition singapore mission has about 100 missionaries to cover all of malaysia and singapore, or did i mention that i am serving in the ward my mission president attends?  We ran into an Indian man who told us he wasnt to come to church. And we have refferals lining up !!! I think transfers was just the thing first and fourthward needed. I had taco salad yesterday!!! It was so exciting!!!! REAL FOOD AGAIN!!!! Love you all, keep praying for the miricales because they surly do happen!!!- Sister Anderson 

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