Monday, April 11, 2016

Goin to the church with my homies, tryin to get a little praise on, cuz you know how it is!

Soooooo Thanks for the pictures! I love the video of Jett, too! Auggie definitely looks like Josh in the picture where he's getting his shots! It's so funny!
Oh! I was in such a rush last week that I completely forgot to thank you for the package! I'm so sorry! Thank you so much for the package, the shirt, especially the calendar and pictures, and everything else in there! 
I definitely got a new camera this week. I even got a really good deal on it. ;) I also think Papa should know that the camera started a trend in the mission and now all the sisters have my same camera because they liked mine so much. haha
This has probably been the fastest week of my mission! Aaaaand it's been full of a little culture shock and a lot of adjusting. Both of the wards we're over are expat, which means that instead of contacting Chinese, and Indian, and Philippino, and Malaysian, we're now supposed to contact WHITE PEOPLE! Do you realize how intimidating our race is??? Asian's are so nice! Even when they're not nice it's no big deal! But white people..... That's it! I'm never going back to America! Haha, Kidding. Haha, The other sisters we stay with are over the Philippino ward and, yesterday, we found a "how to for Philippinos" on their desk. I immediately sent a text to the APs and said "What the heck! Where's our guide to white people?!" Okay, I just spent way too much time talking about Caucasians. Ah! I don't know how to spell that!  Whew, thank goodness for autocheck. Can't spell that either. 
Saya tak tahu apa ku harus tulis sebab saya tahu kamu ingin saya kasi banyak informasi tapi tak tahu apa-apa! Sangat streslah. [Google Translate says: I do not know what I have to write because I know you want me to give a lot of information but do not know anything! very stressful.]
Ummm...Aaaaand because it's been such a fast week I don't remember a lot! SO being in Singapore is probably a lot like being in an American mission in like....Henderson. Or what's that area that Amy lives in? That area. Whatever it is. [Summerlin] Or maybe like being a missionary on the Strip. Because there are a lot of tourists, a lot of fancy things, a lot of.... I don't know. Big city! Maybe I can just throw out descriptive words? Merlion! We get lost every day. It's one of my favorite things, though, because then we get to talk to lots of strangers to find out where we are! And it's always more fun being lost.
We never see President Simmons. Except for last Sunday when we were half an hour late for sacrament meeting because we got lost coming from the other ward's building. Oops! hahaha
There were definitely lots of miracles this week, but the one that I've loved the most was how strong the Spirit has been in teaching this week. I don't know exactly why it's been so strong but I really appreciate it! I feel like those appointments where the spirit is incredibly strong has been more of the exception than the norm lately, but this week a "normal" appointment has not been the norm. I think a strong influence in that is definitely the unity sister Anderson and I have found in teaching. I feel like this is the best companionship I've ever had on my mission and I am really, really grateful for it. 
I think that my faith has grown this week as I've really been searching for my strengths and how I can use them here in Singapore. Very often I've tried to make other's strengths my own, but it's sunk in lately that I can't do that any more. I've love it though because God has been helping me see where my strengths are and that my strengths are needed.

I love you so much! Talk next week!

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