Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Quick Note & Improvised Photos!

Okay, I've used my emailing time in a lot of other places today, so I probably don't have a lot of time.
Noteworthy things:
Ingrid is going to Brazil, right? My roommate from my last semester at BYU-I, Katie, served her mission in Brazil. You can probably find her on my facebook. I don't remember her new last name, but she's a really cute red head! I was thinking Ingrid might want to talk to someone who had been there recently, and a sister. It's an option! I'm sure Katie would love to talk to Ingrid about it. :)
A really, really, nice member gave me a bottle of chipotle tabasco after I told him how sad I was about forgeting my last bottle of hot sauce in KL! God loves me!
One of the miracles this week happened as Sister Anderson and I were on the train on our way to a member's house for lunch when we met two 19 yr old America boys here for a few days with the Navy. As we talked to them they told us how homesick they had been and how much they missed home cooked meals. Suddenly, I got a prompting to invite them to lunch at our member's house.... and then immediately invited them! Only after the invitation had left my mouth did I realize how crazy it was, but I knew it was a prompting! They accepted, our members said it was okay, and I had the most stressful lunch of my life trying to make sure everyone felt comfortable. Afterwards, we shared a spiritual thought about the plan of salvation. What's amazing though is that one of the boys had been baptized but hadn't been part of the church in a long time, and the other had grown up in Utah and Idaho as a cowboy and had so many Mormon friends he basically was one. Over all, it was a great missionary experience that I hope the family doesn't hate us for, and I know those boys will remember.

Love you lots! I'm thinking maybe we could Skype my Saturday at about noon, but I don't know if everyone will be there by then with school and all. Let me know next week and I'll start asking members if we can use their house. I love you! Talk to you soon!

P.S. I didn't take any pictures so I tried to take some last night... SOmeone gave us lots of cereal last night! I got a little creative. haha, the picture of the empty study is ours, the other one is the other sisters in the philipino ward. 

So much toilet humor in Asia!

Our favorite missionary!

lol Cereal - getting desperate for photos

Balance is good on a mission, too! ;)

Philippino sisters' desks.

Sister MacKay's desk on the left & Sister Anderson's desk on the right

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