Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Awesome Investigators, God's Timing, and Miraculous Mexican Food!

This week had so many miracles! Let me count the ways. 
We had an investigator, J, who lives a few doors down and was investigating the church, we taught her how to pray and who God was and she looooooved it! ...But we dropped her because she never had time to meet, and she never would come to church. BUT last week she called asking if we could meet on Sunday and ended up coming to church AND meeting with us! She could only stay for the first hour of church because of her work, but she loved it. She was so happy with all the people saying hi to her and said that she felt so peaceful there. She also came to a RS party on Saturday and was going up and talking to the sisters, then came to church yesterday and said that next week she's going to stay for all three hours, and she wants her friend, daughter, and fiance to come with her and learn from us! I love to see the enlivening effect the spirit has on us! It's almost like a spiritual energy drink that wakes us up and drives us to run around sharing the gospel with everyone we meet!
The next one is a less active member we met with this week. I'd met her once a few months ago when she wasn't really interested in coming back to church or meeting with us, in fact, she told us that she had been avoiding us. haha, But our branch president mentioned that we might want to try visiting her again, so we went, and boy did she welcome us with open arms! She was so happy to see us! We ended up talking a lot about faith and how faith without works is dead. I love her because she's so straightforward, so I can be straightforward with her; and she teaches herself. She had said that she missed being so active in the church but that she still read the BOM and prayed and had faith. After we read James 2: 14.17,18 with her she said "oooh! I get what you're trying to tell me!" and then explained to us that if she says she has faith but doesn't act on that faith then it doesn't really mean anything; and that if she has faith and wants to be as active as she used to be, then she needs to come to church and make herself more active. Haha, It was the best! Right when I was about to ask her if we could visit her again, she asked us if we could come regularly! God really does have his timing. Sometimes, people aren't ready when we are, but in their own time their hearts will be ready.
Oh, another one of my favorite experiences this week was going to sister H's house. She's like my grandma away from Grandmas. :) She doesn't read very well so she asked me to read her her patriarchal blessing, so she could get some guidance with the trials in her life. It was a beautiful experiences as I read to her the words of guidance God has given her. It reminded me how much God loves each of us personally, and knows each of us personally. I've also read my own blessing many times this week. Thank you for your love and your prayers! The knowledge that my family always has and always will love me unconditionally is often the tool that my Heavenly Father uses to strengthen me on rough days. I love you so much!
How is march madness? Who's on top? Is UNLV still in, or already out?
My birthday was great! The sisters were so cute and nice and baked me a cake. They even got me a new shoulder bag because my old one is....gross. :) AND, another miracle, I had been thinking about how much I loved/missed Mexican food and how we always have Mexican food on special occasions (like my birthday), and that night sister H, who had no idea it was even my birthday, refused to let us leave without feeding us and pulled out some leftover enchiladas and plopped them on our plates. When I thanked her for this and told her about how much I loved Mexican food she said, "oh, what's Mexican food? Is that what this is?" Haha, God takes care of his kids! S. Anderson actually had a similar thing happen yesterday. She was having a hard day and wasn't feeling well and was thinking about how good a nice thing of strawberry yogurt sounded when, out of the blue, a man started talking to them about English class and right before he left the train pulled a strawberry yogurt out of a bag and gave it to her. Coincidence? I think not.
Anyway, my camera isn't working and neither is this computer so no pictures this week. Tell Papa thanks for the money! He's so kind! Maybe I'll use it to get a new camera? haha
Next week is transfers, I'll let you know what happens then. :) I love you so much!

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