Monday, March 7, 2016

We Can't Overcome Our Trials on Our Own

Okay, this week my miracle and faith building experience are going to be the same. So this last week I've been having a really hard time contacting. Just the act of opening my mouth up was so hard! It felt like it was more than I could do. Then this week I also read the two talks for zone conference about the Enabling Power of the Atonement. As I read them the thing that kept sticking out to me as Elder Bednar said them over and over again is that it's silly for us to think that we can overcome our trials with our "clearly limited capacity." I thought about that some and realized that I was trying to be a missionary by relying on my own limited ability. Well gee, that's silly. Once I remembered that I needed Christ's help through the Atonement and started again praying for that increased ability to open my mouth to everyone and share the gospel, it became possible. It was close to a night and day difference in my ability to talk to people. It's still a little awkward, I'm not sure that will every completely go away, but now it's possible. In one day we got 3x more potentials than we had in five days.

We have awesome investigators right now, but a lot of them are struggling with coming to church. I don't know what it is, but if they start coming to church then they'll be prepared for their baptism dates!

Thanks for all the pictures! I especially love the one of KC in the cockpit showing off Jett. :) Thanks for the video, dad! I'll definitely pray for Jett and Krissy to get better!

That's way exciting about the Miss Amazing Pageant! I know that's something that Imari loves, so, therefore, Ty loves. Imari prepares for it for a really long time, right? That's so exciting! I'm excited to be able to really see it from the pictures this year!

Umm... half way talk... You could start a signed petition to allow missionaries to take in stray kittens? Umm... I like cheese and really miss it.... If anyone wants to donate to the cheeseless missionary fund..? You could tell them I'm thinking about changing my name to Andy! In fact, maybe you could have them vote on if they like Alex or Andy better while you're at the podium. Tell bishop it's a special request. Oh! I'd like you to sing one of my letters in your best Dolly Parten voice. And, uh... yeah. I think that's it.
In other words, I can't think of anything specific. I trust you! represent me well, mother!

Oh goodness, Papa looked so happy in that picture with Jett! I think that might be the biggest smile I've ever seen him wear! Seriously!

Dang. This email looked a lot longer when the window was smaller. I've been deceived!

I'm so happy to hear about the office! I'm glad things are going well with Elizabeth. Tell her I say hi!

I hope you know I brag about you guys, my family, daily to complete strangers! You're basically famous! I love you so much!
Waiting for the bus.

We were waiting for a really long time at a basically empty train station, so we got creative. :)

More monkeys from Batu caves!

In the trio! Sister Chua has already gone back to Kuching. :)

Jenga dinner time! 

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