Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sis. MacKay is off the Singapore for Zone Conference!

Q: How are you doing??

A: I'm great! Just getting ready to fly out to Singapore. :) I'm just going for zone conference. And China town. :)

Q: Did you upload any pictures this week? I'll send a new calendar for your birthday!

A: Yay for a new calendar! Haha, DOn't worry about the couple picks - I love them. Already uploaded pictures! from last week and this weeks. It has pictures of me with my favorite food, Pou (Pow!), and coconut shakes, and our English class that we started two weeks ago, and another class that we taught a bunch of Korean girls about the plan of happiness but it ended up being an English class, the best frozen yogurt IN THE WORLD, and Chinese new year decorations. :)
But not in that order. 

Q: English class?!?!? How cool! How's that going?

A: Yeah, English class! The mission is doing this new thing where every area has an English class. We have materials and everything, which is really nice. This week wasn't so good; the elders got held up in traffic so they were ten minutes late and I had to start their class (ah!), then the power went out for ten minutes, and all this crazy stuff! BUT it was great because the couple of people that were there stayed through all of it! Haha. And this was an exact repeat of the week before! ....And some punk stole our English class sign. :( But we're getting a new one this week! yay!

Q: What is Pow?! It looks yummy!

A: Right. :) Pao is a yummy roll like thing with yummy stuff in the middle, like red bean paste or pork. Ask Ty, he probably knows.
Sorry, I didn't get to a big email today!  But I'm so happy we got to chat! And that I got to chat through you to Kris and Josh! Tell them I love them and that I say buy! Or Byue! I mean Bye! Love you! Time to fly!

P.S. I think I'm on the front row! ;)

Korean girls, learning about the Plan of Salvation, or, Impromptu English Class

Best Frozen Yogurt in the WORLD

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur...

English Class

Companions lovin' on Pou 

My favorite food! (Pou!)

Coconut Shakes - MacKay and Lee


Taxi ride?

Christmas lights down, Chinese New Year Decor Up!

Decorations for Chinese New Year at the Mall

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