Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Every story has a moral.....except this one.

Well. This week has had very few events. But the things that did happen were great! I spent most of this week asleep and getting better. No worries though, I'm definitely on the uphill today! Basically fine. I'm not dead yet! Really though, I'm better already. But, you know, on the cool side sister Lee, the elders, and I were all part of a wedding party this week. Okay, that's really cool. ;) I was a bridesmaid! And we got to see (and be a part of) our first Chinese wedding! All of this was for our investigator Fei Shih and her now American husband Johnny. The weird pictures of the elders are some challenges that the groomsmen had to go through to fetch the bride. Funniest thing ever. And there was a Chinese Tea Ceremony! Ask Ty about it, he might know something, but it's not anything too exciting. Just a bunch of tea. :)
On Tuesday we went to district meeting and had one lesson afterwards and after that we were planning on going home so I could rest a bit, so we cancelled all our other appointments for the day. Then we started getting calls from people who normally can't meet saying that that was their off day and asking if we could meet! We ended up having a really full day with many people. God's hand was definitely a part in that day making it so we could teach who needed to be taught.
So I wish I could say that I had some crazy spiritual, life changing realization while I was sick in bed this week that I can share with you now, but..... I've got nothing. So it's going to be a bit of a short email today. But hey! That doesn't mean I love you any less! Haha

Yes a lot of people actually celebrated New Years here! But I think just as many, but probably more, celebrate Feb 8th, yeah. (Chinese New Year) But hey! We found a Korean News Year's party in our neighborhood the other day and got invited into it! there are pictures of that, I forgot to mention. 

I love you so much!

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