Monday, July 27, 2015

Q & A with Sister MacKay in Malaysia! Lots of pictures, too!

Last night Sister MacKay got on early, so I (her mom) was able to ask her a bunch of questions! 

Q: How are your shoes working out? Silly question, but I'm wondering! lol
A: Shoes are fantastic. I actually left my nicer shiny black ones in Singapore, and I'm glad I did. I actually only wear my read ones and my blue/grey ones, and they're great. Perfect for Malaysia!

Q: What did you do last P-Day?
A: Haha, last P-day..... we didn't do much. We got ice cream though! It was way good! There might be pictures of that too, because they make it with nitrogen or some other thing, and it smokes... and it's really cool. haha, It's so hard to think when I'm going fast!

Q: You said "good news: no lice so far from it!" about the costumes?? 
A: Haha, well I try and avoid putting things in my hair that are Malaysian's, but when they literally walk over and stick it in your head, you're kind of at a loss. But it made for cool pictures! Also, I don't wear makeup any more. Completely pointless. 

Q: Is it just to rainy to wear makeup?
A: Way too wet. And sweaty. And just pointless. haha. No one here wears makeup. 

Q: How is the bike riding? 
A: Bike's great. Haha, went to the bike shop ...3? times this week to get it fixed up, and it's best now! The chain doesn't slip anymore, or fall off, and I have mud flaps so I don't get a brown streak up my back every time I ride in the rain! Which I didn't know was an option at first, so yay! haha, and it even has gears!

Q: Is biking everywhere weird or is it normal by now?
A: Biking is somehwere in between. I'm figuring it out though! My legs have been super tired this week, but it gives for great praying opportunities! 

Q: Who is in the headdress pics with you?
A: That was when I was on exchanges with Sis. Dennis, one of the STLs. So she's the other one dressed up. The other people are the members who's house we were at.

Q: What about the other pics? Is that your area?
A: Yeah, some of those are in my STL's area, which is way more country than our area. Ours is all of the city of Kuching (fun fact, Kuching means cat!)

Q: City as in Vegas or city as in Cedar City?
A: Cedar. The city part is pretty small, but there are a lot of areas outside of it.

Q: You look so happy but tired! How are you feeling?
A: I'm only tired in the mornings, but that's where studies come in! I get a huge burst of energy during that time. :)

Q: How's your Malay coming?
A:  As far as language goes, people say I'm really good for being so fresh. I'm understanding more and getting a little better at speaking. Thankfully, all the people are super nice and patient! Also, all the food is super good. We got in late last night (not actually, we were just supposed to be home early to report numbers to district leaders) because the woman we were teaching literally refused to let us leave. Like, she pretended not to hear us; and when we got up to leave, she brought the food and told us to sit. I think if we had resisted any more, she would have spoon fed us! People here take their food seriously. She was quoting scriptures at us about feeding people or something. We get fed a lot though! We never know when, haha, people just randomly feed us. It's great!


Headed to the airport!

Goofing around at the Hong Kong Airport

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uphill with a temperamental bike

looking back...

Kuching is so green!

Random food picture: It's chicken parts; chicken ovaries, undeveloped, eggs, stuff like that. Fun fact. Haha (I ate the egg, not the ovary. Haha)

Apartment selfie!

My mom loves this face!

Her bike, sporting the new bike flap!

Nitrogen Ice Cream for P-day!

See the smoke?

Sometimes people just come and put stuff in your hair lol 

I'm wearing some traditional Ibon clothes

Sisters MacKay and Dennis (Sister Training Leader)

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He's wearing a headdress, too!

Biking everywhere!

I think this is her companion...


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  1. Wow. just WOW! She is so awesome - so glad she is doing ok. I am so glad she got that stupid bike to work! The food picture looks, well, very Filipino! Any part of a chicken is edible, pretty much. Good luck with that. Yikes. I hope she doesn't get lice. Oh my. Love her!!!!