Thursday, July 2, 2015

I leave the country in 11 days!

Sister Crandall and I read the article the 1st presidency put out as well as their message in the Ensign this month. As I read and listened to these, I couldn't help but become really, really happy. Why? Because I realized that there's nothing to worry about. We know who the winning team is; we're on that team. God has a plan for us, His children, and nothing, NOTHING, can get in the way of that plan. It's God; you really think a few laws can stop His work? No way, José. He is more than we could ever imagine, with more love, more kindness and mercy, more greatness than we could every imagine! He is all,the Beginning and the End; His purpose is our eternal salvation. With this information there's no need to worry. It's all okay, because this isn't our plan, it's not the government's plan, it's God's plan; and in this there is peace and joy. Have faith, don't be afraid of the things happening now. With fear there can be no faith, and with faith there can be no fear! I can't imagine a life without these truths, without the truth of the Gospel, of eternal life, and of all things wonderful that comprise the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

So we moved into the new MTC housing last week....... and then promptly moved out a few days later. Haha, Apparently, there was a bat sighting on the 4th floor so they evacuated all of the girls they had just moved in. We all looked at each other and said, "Better bats then giant rats," after which we heard some entertaining stories of bats in Malaysia. I think I'll still take the bats. I did get the DL on that from one of the workers though. I guess there's a nest in the wall, so the'll have to fumigate them because if they release them they'll just fly back. Fun fact for the week! Haha, We've now moved three times since being here. We're getting good at packing! The Lord just wants us to be prepared. :)

We did another musical number in church this week, singing accapella Praise to the Man... While the fire alarm blared in the background. Haha, It was the middle of sacrament meeting, we all looked at our branch president and he said, "Sing on!" It sorta felt like a scene from the "Titanic." Thankfully, there really wasn't a fire. haha

Language story of the week! One of the Indo elders was teaching a lesson and asked the investigator what she had read in the BOM. She pointed to a scripture and read it. The only word the elder understood was gereja/church, and could have sworn it was the verse saying there is only one church. He got excited, pointing to the verse and said, "That's us! That's this church!" The woman looked very concerned, and, hahaha, after the lesson, he realized that the scripture was talking about the great and abominable church. Hahaha, He said we're the great and abominable church! It was great. Thankfully, that investigator has to stay with him. haha

Thank you for the clothes and the packages! I think the blue skirt may be our best investment. haha, and I love all the shirts and the yellow skirt to replace my other one! Thanks! They have calling cards here. I'll buy one. I'm like 98% sure I'll have my flight plans tomorrow so I'll let you know about that next week. Apa hal!  There was somethings else! I can't remember! Not enough time!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! Stressing. I'm leaving the country in 11 days! Oh my goodness. So crazy. Oh! Tyler and Imari's wedding! Tell them congrats for me! I'm so happy for them! I met one of his old SVU girlfriends younger sister [and a girl you used to teach swimming lessons to, and one of those girls from the family that knows Joan and Randy and her sister served with Kristen... yeah them. People just pull me out of crowds here!] who's like, "I recognize you from the pictures my sister would show me of Tyler's family!" Apparently, she was impressed with how "family orriented" he was. I didn't have the heart to tell her I'd never heard of her sister before. Or that Tyler was married the day before. Lucunya. I DON'T REMEMBER WHAT ELSE I NEEDED! Ah! freaking out! Apa hal! It's okay. I'll be fine. ah.!.)

Okay, that's all I can fit. I love you!!!

I found these clothes in a box in one of the class rooms labeled "teacher's belongings only." The clothes had been in there since I've gotten here so I figured it was okay to snoop, unless there was a homeless man living in our building. It's like some Indian garb or something, probably belongs to our old Indo teacher, Bro. Rawle, but let's not think about that. I had to pull some teeth to get Sis. Crandall to wear this, so cherish it.

We're trying to stay low-stress. :)

Elder Duckworth in his natural state.

Sister Peterson, and Cloward with us on our temple walk!

Sister Quan performed a learning test on some of the elders, it's pretty great. She did it to us too!

Sister Quan is teaching us how to pray in Chinese! Tell Ty! He'll be proud!

We're the Sister Training Leaders for the next two weeks!

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