Thursday, July 9, 2015

God has a plan for each of us...

Well, I was going to do this email later because we were going to gym, but when we walked out we were informed that the field was closed. We gotta start looking at that sign. The last time we went outside was the 4th, but the large gathering of families in the field made it pretty apparent that we were in the wrong place.
Meeting our Mission President was such a great experience! We all instantly loved each other. Don't ask me what happened during that meeting, haha, but I love it and I'm so excited to see them again in a few days! Sister Simmons is especially sweet. Also, President Simmons served in Taipei, and their son is serving in Budapest right now.
First of all, tell Nana that I love her letters. SO much! They're beautiful, inspiring, and it makes me feel like I'm sitting at lunch talking with her. Second- Sister Crandall was reading me some of her family history stories yesterday and it made me really want some. If she has time would she be able to send me a story or two? We have such neat family stories, pioneer or not! Even if it's about her dog that died when she was little. ;)
Oh! Another thing, I'll get any packages I'm sent whenever I go into Singapore, which is about ever three months. Just FYI. I don't know how letters and other mail works.
My district cleaned the temple last Thursday! It was so neat! The elders cleaned lockers and us sisters cleaned the chandeliers in the sealing rooms. It was beautiful to feel such an indescribably beautiful spirit there the whole time, and to get to look a little closer at the details in those rooms. So we dissembled, cleaned, and reassembled. The crystal is imported from Italy! It was a little stressful to try not to clink or drop anything from our ladders. 
As we sat in the baptismal waiting room waiting to be taken up to the sealing rooms, we sat in front of the glass that led to the dark baptismal font. As I sat there I wondered if this would be anything like waiting to God and Jesus Christ after our Resurrection. Would we all be dressed in white? Would some of us be clinging onto our best Nike running shoes, or our shiny watch, or their gold rings? Or will your prized possession be your dented, scratched, but well used CTR ring?
So I had a really neat experience yesterday, and actually, I haven't even gotten to telling Sister Crandall about this yet. We were role playing in class yesterday with Sister Anderson, I was the mom, and there was the rest of the family too, and Sister A. was teaching. She's a newer teacher so I'm not used to her vocabulary so I wasn't understanding a lot, but knew she was teaching about the Plan of Salvation. As I looked around the room with all of us sitting on the floor, laughing, smiling, or just seriously listening.... It felt like a flashback. Then I knew, I knew that it is no accident that we are all here. We knew each other, loved each other before this. We have all been preparing for this calling, and many others, for far longer than our time here on earth, we have been taught the first lessons of the gospel since when we lived with our Father in Heaven. There are no accidents in this life; to say that something was luck is denying our faith. You think that anything happens by accident here? Wrong. Do we say that God has a rough outline for our lives? No, He has a plan, a very specific, detail-oriented plan for each of us that, if we follow His commandments, includes the path of least resistence for us. Ha, I know now that I was planning on a mission for far longer than I ever suspected, and that it was something that I chose to do long before. Where would I be now if I had not followed those promptings? Made this choice? I believe I wouldn't be in the right place, not at all. I hope I'm learning and growing from this. I'm having amazing experiences that are beyond this world, beyond this life. I hope I'm becoming something better. :)

Breakfast this morning!
I love the hot sauce packets! I stash them in my bag and bring them out at just about every meal. Haha, People give me funny looks, then point and laugh, then ask for some. it's a great cycle.

Sneaking Pics before July 4 Devo

Sneaking Pics before July 4 Devo

Happy Faces!

The "Elder Duckworth"

The "Sister Quan face" waiting for fireworks

The "Sister Quan face" waiting for fireworks

Happy Fourth of July!

4th of july! We stood in the MTC parking lot and peered through the trees at the staduim of fire fireworks show. It was fun!

Sunday Walk Pics :)


Pop Rocks!

Sister Lebaron's predictions for where we're going!

see below :)

The Indios didn't get their Visas, so they needed some cheering up!

Doing laundry at 5am like a boss

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