Monday, August 3, 2015

To Mars & Back!

Mars is the name of this internet cafe, in case you were wondering.
Look! It's a bird, it's a plane! No - it's a real email!
I play piano every week, which I love, but is sometimes a liiiiiitle exciting when I'm sight reading them all. I knew I should have worked on hymns more before I left!
In other exciting news, Sister Pullicar and I accidently ordered and ate a pineaple, crab, and tuna pizza this week. Pizza Hut is a little more exciting here in Asia! Wow! It was a little too exciting. I couldn't handle it. haha, I also experimented and made pancakes out of crushed chocolate rice crispies, an egg, and a mashed banana. It was kind of the best pancake I've ever had - blew my mind! Unimportant details, I know, but I was so proud of myself for making that up that I just had to share it.
Also, Renue 28 is the best for bug bites. Because of it my bug bites heal faster than anyone else's! ha! Aaaand I have a lot of bug bites, so that's super nice.
We live with the STL's. :) 
So we WERE teaching this great family of about nine people, but, sadly, the mom has been strongly "antied" by her family. We went over to their house on Saturday to see what was going on (because they'd been avoiding us, and we hadn't been able to talk to them about their weird behavior); and the mom yelled at us, tried to give us our Book of Mormons back, then quickly ran around us and left. That was one of those moments were things felt real. Don't they realize what this gospel is?? Probably not. I had been reading about Lehi's dream lately, and it made me wonder:
1-What's the difference between the people in the vision who grasp on to the rod, cling to it, finally eat the fruit, and then look around, ashamed at having eaten the fruit; and those who do those same things, but then fall down when they reach the tree, eat the fruit, and rejoice?
2- How can our investigators, or people in general, have the strength to push through the trials that will inevitably come as they pursue the gospel? After all, in the begining of the vision the mist only covered the people after they had grabbed onto the rod. 
So both of those made me think about what gets me through my trails? Trails, by definition, are hard. So why not just give up? It's easier, right? At the moment, maybe, but in the long run it makes life suck. So what gets me through my trails? Having a commitment, an understanding of and desire for the blessings that I know will come from the trial, a desire to grow and become more like Jesus Christ, having an eternal perspective, and knowing that God will help me because he wants me to succeed. Oops, time to  get off. Well, I can apply that to my investigators, and it's really cool.

Okay, love you! Bye!

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