Friday, August 19, 2016

Was I Adopted?

My roommates are sister Welling and sister Lim. Poor sister Welling, because all three of us others are going home at the same time. S. Lim is just local. S. Welling is new - first transfer.
My old bike got repossessed.   I found an old sister's bike and have been fixing it up little by little. Speaking of, I need to fix/replace a few things... like shoes. I don't have shoes right now,haha. And brakes for my bike. 
I'm so proud of you two and your missionary moments! They're awesome! 
I got... really sunburned this week. 
Sorry, I don't have a lot to say this week. I'll let my  pictures tell the story. 
Also, in the elephant pic I look really Asian. Everyone, literally everyone, things I'm mixed something. I have to show them my family photo every time. Chinese? Japanese? Mexican? Tongan? Philipino? No one knows. Mom, was I adopted?

Love you! This week was great. Praying for you.

We went to the zoo this morning and had a lot of fun.

Last P-Day we did a break out room - it's like a simulated puzzle.

A member at a food court

A cute kid of one of our members.

Our investigator V gets baptized in two weeks! He also brought us each a bottle of fresh honey from his village. I thought dad would like that, it's super good.

Banana leaf! You eat with your hands. :)

My branch mission leader feel asleep on Sunday. haha

I held a monkey!!!! It was a baby. :)

Our apartment!

lol What nationality IS she?

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