Monday, August 22, 2016

"Horrible Child"

I'm a horrible child. I'm so sorry. Tonight I'm going to repent and do better next week. BUT nothing really exciting happened this week. Haha, I did send you  a picture of my makshift shoes though. Rubberbands? Lol
I love you so much!Don't be mad.
Also, a picture of a sink full of rambutan that a member gave us from his village! Random or not?

***Since we didn't get a letter, I've decided to add useful information about the rambutan fruit: Rambutan (scientifically termed as ‘Nephelium Lappaceumis’) is a fruit that definitely features in the list of ‘Most Exotic fruits of Our Planet’.  The fruit has a thin, leather like skin layer with multiple tube-like structures sticking out of it that seem like spikes on a hedgehog. Sometimes, one can also find rambutans having greenish yellow or orange exterior skin colors. The fruit, in many ways, also looks exactly like a sea urchin.
Rambutans, apart from tasting quite good, have several nutritional characteristics which are beneficial for our health. Here are some you probably didn’t know before:
1. It is Anti-Cancer (I assume we all are anti-cancer, but I believe the website says it contains many anti-oxidents that "have been proven to be effective against different kinds of cancer."
2. Helps in hair care
3. Helps in treating diabetes (pain relief)
4. Good for headaches, thrush, dysentery
5. Helps remove waste from the kidneys
6. Eliminates free radicals
7. Makes sin better- "soft & supple," it says!
8. Strengthens bones
9. Generation of red and white blood cells
10. Helps boost energy
11. Decreases unwanted fat
12. Good source of iron

A dragon head at Church? lol

Her "new" bike! She had to kind of piece this thing together! lol

"My makeshift shoes"

I think these sisters are in their ward.

Aw, there's our cute & sassy Alex ;)

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