Monday, February 8, 2016

Kon xi something, um, happy chinese new year!

Jett is finally here!!!! I'm so excited! I'm really just kind of dazed from that! Still recovering. Haha

Well, really I don't know what to say after that! But, okay, I'll do my best to think of anything that happened before five minutes ago.
Oh! random events: I got my feet sucked on my fish! It tickled a lot and was really weird, but I guess it's supossed to be good for your skin or something? I couldn't stop laughing though. For morning excersise on Wednesday I chased and caught a lizard that was running around our apartment. We also got to do a really fun service activity last week! We got to go to a special needs day care and clean their huge yard. It was so fun to see how appreciative everyone there was. :) AND we got to wear helping hands shirts. 
Oh! By the way, My new companion is Sister Larkin! I.... know nothing about her. ...Yet! I'm staying in KL. :)
So our area has been a little slow lately, I don't remember if I've said that before. BUT, we had a bunch of miracles this week! One or two of our miracle this week is that we exceeded our potential goal! We talked to a lot of people about God and although there were a lot of people who didn't want there was also the occasional person that God had prepared to learn about the gospel.
 Our area is starting to pick up again and I'm excited about the people that God is trusting us with, and I love hearing their questions about the plan of salvation and other things! Another miracle is that we were given about seven potentials this week, almost all of them from members! We had decided to start looking to members for referals and new investigators and it just so happened that every time we went to visit a member this week they either had someone they wanted us to meet or they had invited someone to come over and meet us! And five people brought non member friends to church on Sunday. Our members are so good!
So over all it's been a crazy week of catching house lizards, eating good food, talking to A LOT of people, running up broken eskilators (ugh, stupid Malaysian spelling has gotten into my head!) to get to appointments on time, and chasing people down in malls to tell them that they have a loving Heavenly Father who has an amazing plan for them. It's been a great week! 
I love you! Tell Jett I say hi!!

Photos will be posted later this week! (My mom/blogging assistant is not at her desktop.)

Best FroYo in KL! Last week with Sister Lee

Farewell Dinner with (L-R) Sisters MacKay, Anderson, ?, & Lee! 

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