Monday, February 22, 2016

Short & Sweet

This week the area's activity has dropped down again, and the work has been a little slower. I'm hoping that with Chinese New Year ending today things will start to pick up again! Hoping a lot! Haha, We've gotten some ideas from our district leader on how to use our appointmentless time most effectively, which I'm very grateful for. We're starting to apply them today.
Miracle - we have two investigators on date this week! Aru from last week set his own date for April, and another investigator, Fei Shih, has set April as her goal also. I'm so excited for both of them and am overjoyed to see their progression!
I'm sorry you're feeling sick! I'm praying for you!

Thank you! I love you! Sorry the email is short this week :P Talk to you next week! Thanks for always being so suportive! "You are my inspiration....Irene!"

Q: You realize that March 5th is your hump day, right?? I won't bring it up, again, if you don't want me to; but I'm excited! Ü Ü Ü

A: What? It's totally March 3rd! Haha, Yeah, getting to this day is like this weird combination of emotions, because I'm feeling like "whooo! I made it! Yeah! Half way! Hump daaaaay! That went by pretty fast!" But then I remember "Wait, that's only half way! Nine more months? Oh my goodness, I'm only half way!" Haha, but then I think about how much my mission has helped me to grow in only nine months and that if I didn't have these next nine months then I wouldn't have the opportunity to double my growth! And then I start thinking "I only have nine months? Is that enough time??" Hahaha.
Psh! But yeah, bring it up whenever you want, it's not like I'm not totally  aware of it! Haha

Q: Ashley comes home in April & has forbidden her family from speaking of it! Lol So I thought I'd better check!  Is that I picture of our family breakfast??

A:Yeah, I'm excited and glad to be here and loving it; and I'll miss it when I go home and all, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm still excited for when I'll go home! And I've recently realized that that's a-okay!
Haha! That's way funny! And so soon! Wow.
Yep! Breakfast skillet! The potatos are a little sweet here and there aren't any jalapenos so I use red chilis, but it's almost the same! haha, I'm just glad they have cilantro! 
Free English Class for Non-Muslims

A day in the life of a missionary in KL...bus rides

A taste of home: Breakfast skillet!

Bath & Body Works in KL? I think so! 
Chinese New Year Lanterns

This kitty looks just like her cat Tabby!

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