Sunday, November 20, 2016

Last Zone Conference!

Okay, miracles for this week! I feel like the miracles of this week have been meeting so many people who's hearts are truly open, just good humble people who when the see the Book of Mormon immediate ask "Can I have one? I want to read it, and know if it's true!" It's just so much humility! 
Faith-wise, it was really fun to hear the specific ways the Book of Mormon clarifies and corrects doctrine! I knew that it did but it was so nice to see a bullet point outline of so many of the ways it does. I've started using those points more and more to help people understand what was lost in the great apostasy: the way to baptize, when to baptize, when we were created, and so on. Since I've started sharing this way I've seen the great apostasy really click in their minds and they start giving us examples of their own! Which, of course, sets the scene perfectly for the Restoration and Book of Mormon.
We're still meeting with a lot of members to get to know them better!
We also had zone conference this last week!
We're going to play capture the flag on an island today, so I'll have pictures of that for next week. :) Love you!
Last Zone Conference!

Sister Simmons & Alex

Sister Simmons looks AWESOME!

KK Zone Conference

Thanksgiving Dinner!

More Zone Conference

Fun w/Sister Welling!

Smiling Companions! 

Happy Companions!

Photo Op!

Merry Christmas!

Airport Shenanigans 

All hopped up on bunny love!

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  1. Thank you sis McKay and mom McKay for so deligently posting on this blog. Since June 2016 after my daughter Rachel got her call, we have been reading your blog quite diligently. It helped me so much in Rachel's preparation to go to Singapore. She is now there, we are holding our breath to hear from her this Sunday night to see where her first area is. Her name is Rachel Cardon also Malay speaking. Sis McKay is just lovely!!!